Point Sebago Resort || All You Need To Know Before You Go

Located in the heart of Maine Point Sebago offers a blend of scenic beauty relaxation, and adventure that attracts visitors from all over. This 775-acre paradise nestled along the shores of Sebago Lake provides a vast array of activities and accommodations making it the perfect getaway for families couples, and solo travelers alike. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat in nature or an action-packed holiday Point Sebago Resort has something for everyone.

point sebago resort

Alluring Accommodations

At Point Sebago Resort guests have various accommodation options, including cozy cottages, spacious park homes, and rustic camping sites. Each lodging type is designed with comfort and convenience, ensuring a memorable stay for all. The resort’s attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction is evident in the plush amenities and serene settings. Here you can wake up to the gentle sounds of nature surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that beckon exploration.

Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Point Sebago Resort is a true haven for those who thrive in the great outdoors. The resort location on Sebago Lake offers ample opportunities for water-based activities such as boating fishing, and swimming. On land, guests can enjoy golfing on the resort championship 18-hole course hiking through picturesque trails, or participating in organized sports and activities. The area’s natural beauty combined with the resort facilities makes it a premier destination for adventure lovers.

Family-Friendly Fun

Families visiting Point Sebago Resort will find no shortage of fun and engaging activities to entertain kids and adults. From supervised children programs and craft workshops to family-oriented entertainment and themed nights the resort goes above and beyond to ensure a delightful experience for guests of all ages. The sense of community and shared joy among visitors is palpable creating lasting memories for every family that visits.

Unwinding in Style

Relaxation takes many forms at Point Sebago Resort. Guests can unwind on the sandy beaches of Sebago Lake indulge in a soothing massage, or enjoy the tranquility of their private accommodation. The resort also features dining options catering to various tastes from casual snacks to fine dining experiences. In the evenings you can gather around a campfire stargaze, or attend one of the live performances or movie nights regularly hosted by the resort.

Golfer’s Paradise

Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled with the championship golf course at Point Sebago Resort. This beautifully manicured 18-hole course challenges players of all skill levels offering breathtaking views and a pristine playing environment. The resort pro shop provides equipment rentals and professional lessons ensuring that every golfer has a top-notch experience. Tournaments and social golf events add to the vibrant community atmosphere making it a golfer paradise.

Seasonal Splendor

No matter the season Point Sebago Resort showcases the beauty of Maine’s changing landscapes. Summer offers warm sunny days perfect for lake activities and outdoor adventures. In the fall the area is awash with the vibrant colors of autumn providing a spectacular backdrop for hiking and photography. Winter brings charm with opportunities for snowshoeing cross-country skiing, and cozy nights by the fire. Each season brings a unique flavor to the resort, ensuring a fresh experience for every visit.

Exploring the Surroundings

While Point Sebago Resort offers plenty to keep guests entertained the surrounding area is rich with attractions worth exploring. From quaint local towns and farmers markets to state parks and historic sites, the region provides a glimpse into the beauty and culture of Maine. The resort’s convenient location serves as the perfect base for day trips and excursions adding an element of discovery to your stay.


Point Sebago Resort is more than just a destination. It is a gateway to unforgettable experiences. With its diverse accommodations plethora of activities, and stunning natural surroundings the resort promises a vacation filled with joy relaxation, and adventure. Whether you want to connect with nature spend quality time with family, or escape the hustle and bustle of daily life Point Sebago Resort is the perfect setting for creating cherished memories.


What types of accommodations are available at Point Sebago Resort?

Guests can choose from cottages park homes, and camping sites each offering a unique experience and range of amenities.

Are there activities for children at the resort?

Yes! Point Sebago Resort offers a variety of children’s programs and activities ensuring fun for all ages.

Can I bring my boat to Point Sebago Resort?

Absolutely! The Sebago Point Haven accommodates boating enthusiasts with access to Sebago Lake and boat rental options.

Is the golf course suitable for beginners?

The 18-hole championship course caters to all skill levels with professional lessons for beginners.

What are some must-see attractions outside of Point Sebago Resort?

Exploring local towns, state parks, and cultural sites is highly recommended to experience Maine’s charm fully.

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