Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Hostels are a great accommodation choice if you’re travelling alone but which ones do you choose? Here are the best hostels in Europe for solo travellers

I have travelled to every country in Europe and have lost count of the number of hostels I have stayed in during my twenty plus years of travelling alone. Europe is a great continent for solo travellers and they know how to do hostels especially if you’re a digital nomad! If you’re looking for the best hostels in Europe for solo travellers, I share all my tips and advice in this article. Plus, if you book a hostel through this page, I donate to organisations helping vulnerable girls in conflict zones. 

Don’t have time to read the whole article? My best hostels in Europe for solo travellers are Selina Hostels. They offer wellness classes, co-working and private rooms!

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

What Are Hostels in Europe?

If you’re wondering ‘What is a hostel in Europe?’ It’s basically the same as a hostel worldwide but the difference is that Europe really know how to do hostels.

They used to have a reputation for being a bit sketchy and rundown, but things have changed. Nowadays, hostels cater to all sorts of people and come in different styles. You can find eco-friendly ones, trendy boutique hostels, and fun party hostels.

Some hostels are almost like hotels, with cool stuff like pools, laundry services, bars, and entertainment at night. They even have desks where you can get help planning your travels. You can save money by using shared kitchens to cook your meals. Hostels also have common areas like lounges and bars where you can hang out and meet other solo travelers. Some even have BBQ nights!

And here’s a bonus: some hostels give you free breakfast and provide towels. If you’d rather have your own space, you can usually get a private room instead of sharing a dorm room (known as dormitory). Staying in hostels is really easy now, but since there are so many, it’s smart to check them out before you book to make sure you’re choosing the right one for you. * Check rates & availability for all hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Can Adults Stay in Hostels?

Yes! Hostels in Europe are great for people traveling alone, and they’re not just for young folks anymore. Some places are all about music, some feel really chill, and others are for serious partying. You might find a few spots with age limits, but those are pretty rare.

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Are Hostels Safe in Europe?

This is the big question especially if you’ve never stayed in a hostel before and are unsure what the experience will be like. 

Keep in mind that the quality often aligns with the price you pay. There are no universally recognised standards for hygiene or security, and the cheapest hostels may not have lockers for safeguarding your valuables. If you’re travelling during off-peak times, you can always book a short stay to see if you like it then extend it when you’re there. 

Before you choose a hostel, make sure they have a secure place to keep your belongings. If they don’t have lockers, ask if there’s a safe at the front desk where you can leave your passport. Most hostels have lockers in the rooms, and some are big enough for your main backpack. Just remember to lock up your laptop and phone at night if you’re sharing a room with others.

Maybe you want to stay in a city or town but also take a short trip somewhere else. Some hostels allow you to leave your big bags there if you stay just for the night and return later. This can be helpful even if you’re only staying at the hostel and have some time to kill before a night bus.

You might also be able to leave your bags at the hostel while you explore during the day before catching your bus. Just make sure they have a secure place to store luggage that’s always locked. This way, you don’t have to lug around stuff you don’t need and you can relax knowing your things are safe when you come back.

Ensure that the place you’re staying is in a safe neighbourhood. Ask yourself if you’d feel okay walking around there at night. It’s not worth risking your safety just to save a little money on your accommodation. * Check rates & availability for all hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

How Much Do Hostels Cost?

Hostels range from €10 a night upwards depending on what time of year you travel and the type of accommodation you go for. Staying in a dormitory room that caters from 10 to 20 people is the cheapest option. Stay in a private room and you can usually find a hotel room for the same price (without the social factor though). Other room types have 4 beds in a dorm, 6 beds or 8 beds. 

When you’re looking for the cheapest hostels in Europe, make sure to check the location. You may be further away from the city than you want to, meaning that it will cost you more to go into the city to sightsee. And you may be in a sketchy area that you don’t want to venture back to at night. 

The cheapest hostel in Europe may not always be the cleanest either. I’ve picked up bed bugs before and dealt with overflowing toilets as well as not feeling that safe. You can always bring a sleeping bag liner with you if you have a high standard of cleanliness and don’t want to stay in the hostel’s sheets. * Check rates & availability for all hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

What’s a Holiday Hostel?

Some universities transform their campus into hostels during the summer months, offering accommodation with just two beds instead of a huge dorm. Many of these hostels also provide breakfast and towels for guests. If you prefer extra privacy, there are usually options available for private rooms. I’ve stayed in these in Split, Croatia and also Helsinki in Finland. 

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

There are so many different hostel chains in Europe. Some of these aren’t just limited to Europe either. Selina for example is an international hostel chain. Here are names of the hostels that I love and recommend! * Check rates & availability for all hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

1. Selina Hostels

Best for: digital nomads, wellness and surfers

I’ve stayed in numerous Selina Hostels and love them! Not only are they in Europe, you’ll also find them in Latin America and the U.S.  If you need to work on the road, they offer places for co-working whether that’s a dedicated space that you may have to pay extra for or a cafe/restaurant that you can work in. This also means that the Wifi is always reliable. 

They offer wellness classes such as yoga and pilates so you can start your day with a session before you go sightseeing (it’s included within the price too). Some, such as the Selina Hostels in Portugal even offer surf lessons too. Their cafes generally have organic and locally-sourced produce. And they have fab healthy breakfasts. They have everything you need if you’re a digital nomad. * Check rates & availability for Selina Hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

2. Plus Hostels

Best for: Wellness and a pool!

If you’re looking for hostels with pools, Plus Hostels are a great choice! I have stayed in Plus Hostels in Florence, Prague and Berlin. They are more like hotels than hostels and I love this brand! What I love about them is that they have everything!

They have a pool and a spa area which is ideal for solo travellers who are unsure what to do in the evenings alone. The Florence hostel offers an additional Turkish bath and gym all within the budget of a typical hostel stay. 

They have a welcoming atmosphere and it’s easy to meet fellow female travelers in the dorms especially if you stay in a girls-only dorm rooms. There are large common areas, a restaurant and bar that sometimes offer themed nights too. 

You’ll find Plus Hostels in Prague and Florence. They even have a special girls-only section within their city hostels, adorned with pink-themed rooms, cozy duvets, complimentary towels, soap, and shampoo, along with spacious lockers and hairdryers. * Check rates & availability: Plus Hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

3. St Christopher’s Inns

Best for: Backpacker vibe

St Christopher’s Inns are backpacking hostels and you won’t just find them in Paris or London as they have 20 backpacker hostels in the most lively cities in Europe. Their values are safe, fun, secure and value and I’ve stayed at two of their hostels and loved the atmosphere. They call themselves Europe youth hostels but I was in my thirties when I stayed and didn’t feel out of place.

What I love about them are that they are incredibly social. Each one has a traditional British pub or a Belushi’s bar which serves affordable food and drink and is a great place to meet the other hostel backpackers. They are also part of Europe’s Famous Hostels that has 50 of the best European hostels within its association. They have 4 of their hostels included!

From Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Bruges, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Bath and Newquay, you’ll find a St Christopher Inn on your Europe trip. * Check rates & availability: St Christopher’s Inns

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

4. Generator

Best for: boutique travellers

Generator are a great chain of hostels. If you’re looking for the best hostels in Europe, these are definitely one of them. Classed as boutique hostels, their vision is to be the world’s leading design-led accommodation brand and they are all about being stylish, social and safe. They are some of the coolest hostels you can stay in too. 

Their Europe hostels have bars, cafes and chill out areas all in an stylish award-winning design. You can share a room or have your own private room. I stayed in the London one and have seen the Barcelona and Dublin one and they are all really spacious and stylish. The London one in Kings Cross is a great location, next to restaurants and bars and the Tube.

They aren’t just confined to European hostels either as you’ll find them in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington too. If you’re looking for affordable luxury in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, or Venice, definitely consider one of these. * Check rates & availability: Generator Hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

5. Safestay

Best for: City & sightseeing

I love this brand! Probably because the colour of the London ones is really girly and pink and purple. I’ve stayed in both the Elephant and Castle and the Holland Park hostels in London and found that they had everything I needed for my stay in London. The one in Holland Park is in such a peaceful area right in the park.

Safestay Hostels & Hotels are stylish, affordable accommodation across Europe. They are great for digital nomads with spaces you can work from, or if you’re backpacking and looking for a nice traveler hostel to stay at. They also have their own Safestay community that you can join. And they have partnered with Busbud for an exclusive offer if you’re travelling onwards.

You’ll find their hostels in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. * Check rates & availability for Safestay Hostels

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Best Party Hostels in Europe

Eastern Europe is the place to be for partying. Budapest has some of the best party hostels in Europe. I stayed in one above a nightclub which was amazing to party as I met someone in the hostel and only had to go downstairs. I don’t recommend choosing to sleep here if you don’t want to party though. 

Estonia also has some of the best party hostels in Europe. You even get a free shot when you check in to some of the hostels! Look for hostels that offer bar crawls in the evening. Edinburgh is also great for partying especially if you stay in the Grassmarket area as all the bars are on your doorstep. 

Estonia also has some of the best hostels in Europe for singles so if you’re hoping for a holiday romance head to Tallinn or one of the beach destinations in Spain to mingle with other singles. * Check rates & availability for all hostels

Here are the best party hostels in Europe for solo travellers:

Best Hostels in Europe For Solo Travellers

Join Hostel World!

One big tip is to join the Hostel World community. You can connect with other travellers before you even get to your hostel. Their app allows you to view traveller’s profiles and see who is going to the same destination as you. You can chat to travellers two weeks before you check-in and RSVP to link ups to hang out with others. It makes your stay even more sociable! * Join Hostelworld here 

Final Thoughts…

There are of course so many more hostels out there worthy to be in this article but these are my favourite ones from my twenty plus years of solo travelling, and the ones that I recommend as the best hostels in Europe for solo travellers.

If you’re looking for a specific hostel recommendation for a country that you’re travelling to, check out the solo destination guides for my recommendations too! Wherever you choose to stay, staying in a hostel in Europe is definitely an experience. 

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