LEVEL8 Luggage Review: Is LEVEL8 Luggage Good?

By Jessie Festa. This luggage review contains affiliate links to trusted partners and is sponsored by LEVEL8, who sent me 3 pieces to test out and share my honest thoughts on—including the pros and the cons. All opinions are my own.

Looking for an in-depth LEVEL8 luggage review that can help you decide if their suitcases are right for you?

Then you’re in the right place!

As an avid traveler, one of the most important decisions I make every trip is the luggage I’ll use.

Quick storytime: I’ll never forget traveling through Jordan with a cheaply made suitcase that busted at the seams before the trip was over. I wasn’t in an area that sold suitcases, so my hotel helped me duct tape it back together. Never again!

Along with being able to hold your things, you want something durable, comfortable, and, potentially, stylish.

LEVEL8 offers all of this and more, which I’ll dive into below. Additionally, I’ll share some reasons you may not want to purchase a LEVEL8 suitcase to give a comprehensive review.

Specifically, I’ll be reviewing three of their best-selling pieces, including the:

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A woman in a coral romper stands outdoors on grass beside a row of three black LEVEL8 luggage pieces: an Atlas Laptop Backpack on top of a medium-sized Luminous Textured suitcase, with a larger suitcase to the left and a smaller carry on suitcase to the right. She is smiling and has her hand resting on the backpack. There is greenery and trees in the background behind the luggage set.
The LEVEL8 luggage set I reviewed. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Considerations When Choosing Luggage

When purchasing new luggage, there are a few things to consider:

Durability. In my opinion, this is the most important consideration. You want a bag that will stand the test of time—and the test of travel!

Price. Keep in mind, a cheaper price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the luggage will end up being cheaper. A suitcase that is more expensive but that will last will end up costing less over time than a cheap bag you have to replace year after year.

Space & organization. Whether you’re a carry-on-only traveler or you bring your entire closet, you need to make sure the luggage you choose will allow you to store and organize your belongings. Personally, I love it when suitcases have a compression system that allows you to store more items in the same amount of space (though remember to keep weight in mind when packing!).

A person placing a laptop into the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack. The person is wearing a dress with a dark background and orange floral print, and a silver ring on their left hand. The scene is set outdoors with a grassy background and a white metal patio table and chair.
I love the padded laptop pocket of the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Comfort. For suitcases, this is where features like weight, wheels, and handles come into play. For backpacks, you might look for an ergonomic design, adjustable straps, and a cooling system that keeps your back sweat-free.

Style. While this can refer to the luggage being aesthetically pleasing, it also refers to the actual style, such as top-loading vs front-loading backpacks or soft-shell vs hard-shell suitcases. Many travelers have a preference for one or the other.

Other specifications. You may have additional specs that are important to you, such as wanting a suitcase that is waterproof or that doesn’t scratch. Make a list of your personal preferences before purchasing your new luggage.

A woman with a LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack on her back and pulling a LEVEL8 Luminous Textured carry-on suitcase walks along a stone path in a grassy yard. She is smiling and looks back towards the camera, showcasing her travel essentials. The background features a white picket fence and a house with a porch and outdoor furniture, highlighting a scene perfect for travel with cabin baggage and an aluminum suitcase from the LEVEL8 luggage set.
Feeling travel-ready. Photo via Jessie Festa.

About LEVEL8

Before we get into the official LEVEL8 luggage review, I want to give a bit of background on the luggage company itself.

LEVEL8 was started in New York City, with a mission to create simple and sleek yet functional and high-quality luggage that supports travelers through their many adventures.

You may be wondering where the “8” in the name comes from. According to the company, the Arabic numeral “8” means infinity, as when turned on its side it looks like the infinity symbol (∞). In terms of travel, it represents the unlimited possibilities of life and the road ahead.

Whether you’re a business or leisure traveler, budget or luxury traveler, group or solo traveler, their goal is to support you in having an incredible trip with reliable suitcases, backpacks, and accessories like packing cubes and toiletry cases.

In fact, they are so confident in their products that they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Additionally, they offer a 7-day refund policy.

Woman packing a LEVEL8 Luminous Textured carry-on suitcase to prepare for upcoming travel
Packing my LEVEL8 carry-on suitcase. Photo via Jessie Festa.

First Impressions Of LEVEL8 Luggage

Arrival time

My luggage arrived within four days of ordering. While I wasn’t in a rush, this will be helpful for those booking last-minute trips who need a new suitcase.


Each piece came in its own separate box with a carrying handle, which is convenient if you’re like me and live in an apartment building and need to transport the luggage from a mail room.

The suitcases came in a protective muslin bag and were shiny and new when unpacked. Pro tip: The muslin bags are a nice size to reuse as laundry bags!

Once out of the bag, the first thing I noticed was the wheels. I could wind the top of the luggage up and spin it and it twirled like a figure skater on ice! More on that below.

By the way, does anyone else have cats that go crazy once the suitcases come out?

grey cat on top of a LEVEL8 Luminous Textured cabin suitcase that is packed and ready for travel
My cat, Cliff, acting cute so I’ll cancel my trip. His face is always the hardest to leave. ❤ Photo via Jessie Festa.

The backpack also came in a protective plastic bag to help keep it in pristine condition during transit.

LEVEL8 Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set Luggage Review

24″ LEVEL8 Checked Luggage

  • Specs: 17.5” L10.4” W26” H | 9.8 lbs | 65 L
  • Need something larger? You also have the option to purchase a 28“ Checked with the following specs: 16.6” L13.3” W29.1” H | 11.4 lbs | 99 L

As a feature of the 24″ LEVEL8 Checked Luggage is built-in TSA locks, you’ll first unlock this hard-shell, waterproof case.

close up of the TSA lock built into the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set, including cabin luggage and checked luggage
LEVEL8’s luggage set includes a built-in TSA lock. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Once opened, I was amazed by how roomy it is—and with a compression belt to fit even more items into your suitcase.

Something really neat is the additional organization. In my experience, many suitcases have two storage areas (one on each side) and maybe a mesh liner on one.

Well, the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Checked Bag includes mesh lining on both sides, one of which also includes two large zipper compartments within the mesh. It’s basically like having four storage compartments instead of two!

interior compartments of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set's checked luggage, including zipper pockets and a compression strap
So much storage! Photo via Jessie Festa.

When it comes time to actually head to the airport, there are a few really helpful features to note. Along with the above-mentioned built-in TSA-friendly lock, the ergonomic aluminum handle of the suitcase is very comfortable and sturdy and also locks into place.

True story: on a recent 2-week trip to Bali, the handle of my husband’s cheap (non-LEVEL8) suitcase broke. To be able to get from place to place, we had to loop a garbage bag around the carrying strap to drag it through the airport. It was less than ideal!

And if you happen to be someone who would prefer to carry their suitcase vs roll it, there are easy-to-grip handles on the top and side.

ergonomic aluminum handle of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured checked luggage locked into place
Off to my next destination! Photo via Jessie Festa.

Now to the best part of this LEVEL8 aluminum luggage review: the four 360° spinner wheels! I’ve been traveling my entire life, and have never experienced wheels that glide this smooth.

I’m new to four-wheeled suitcases, but I’m now officially converted. This suitcase is much easier to wheel around than my previous two-wheeled bags, as there isn’t a dragging feeling.

With four wheels, you have the option to wheel it behind you or have it glide right next to you.

woman in a blue dress rolling a LEVEL8 aluminum cabin luggage set down a driveaway
My favorite feature of the LEVEL8 luggage set = the wheels! Photo via Jessie Festa.


  • Comes in your color choice of black, grey, or navy
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Waterproof and scratch-proof
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Space and organization compartments that go beyond typical suitcases
  • Wheels that glide like an Olympic figure skater on ice


  • Might not appeal to travelers who prefer a soft-shell suitcase
  • Scuff marks show pretty easily, but they’re simple to remove with a wet wipe
  • A higher price tag means it may not be in everyone’s budget (though code jessieonajourney10 gets you 10% off and buying the luggage as a set saves you money)
  • Short refund window, but they do offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty too

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20” LEVEL8 Carry-On Luggage

  • Specs: 14.5” L x 9.2” W x 21.5” H | 7.7 lbs | 40 L

This section of the review will be short, as the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Carry-On has the same features as the checked luggage—sans compression system and in a smaller size to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.

interior compartment of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set  aluminum suitcase with a double mesh zipper compartment on one side
Keep your belongings safe and secure. Photo via Jessie Festa.

That being said, you’ll have plenty of room to pack for a shorter trip with the LEVEL8 luggage carry on suitcase, especially if you use compression sacks.

Personally, I’m able to use this LEVEL8 cabin luggage for longer trips too, though I’m generally a light packer.

The thing that gets tricky for me is that I also bring a laptop and camera gear, which is why it’s necessary for me to bring a spacious backpack as my personal item.

hand opening an interior compartment of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured cabin luggage with aluminum
LEVEL8’s Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set features numerous compartments. Photo via Jessie Festa.

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This brings me to the next section of our LEVEL8 review…

LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack Review


  • Capacity: 31 Liters
  • Size: 12.6”L x 6.5”W x 18.6”H
  • Weight: 3.33 lbs

After removing the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack from its packaging, I was surprised at how flat it is when empty—perfect for storing in a small NYC apartment.

It was also surprising because this backpack has so much storage…26 pockets!

black LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack with loads of compartments and pouches, including a padded laptop sleeve
Loving all of the compartments and pouches on the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack! Photo via Jessie Festa.

Seriously, what I originally thought was the laptop pocket was simply another sleeve in the main compartment.

Speaking of the laptop pocket, it’s double-sided, with the laptop side featuring a protective foam padding and a strap to secure your tech.

On the other side is an additional sleeve compartment with a bonus pocket, great for storing another tech gadget like an iPad, papers you don’t want bent, or even folded clothing. This whole pocket is extendable to 180° degrees for easy access to your most important items.

LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack open to 180° degrees with a notebook in one of the pockets
The LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack opens up to 180° degrees. Photo via Jessie Festa.

The main compartment is spacious with a sleeve compartment against the back and a large zipper compartment.

Personally, I store items like my jacket and camera in the main compartment and then my smaller GoPro and Insta360 cameras in the smaller one.

Then the front compartment showcases an endless array of specialty pockets and compartments—like a phone case with a strap to keep it from moving, pen holders, a sleeve that perfectly fits a passport, and an additional zipper pocket that can hide your money.

front pocket of the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack to showcase the many pockets and compartments of the travel bag
There are also pockets for keys, pens, phones, and more! Photo via Jessie Festa.

On the front of the bag, there is also a quick-access top pocket for additional storage, while the sides feature two separate water bottle pockets that fully zipper shut in case you want to use them for extra storage.

Now, it’s not just the amazing organization that makes the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack great. It’s also the comfort.

Most travelers have experienced the dreaded back sweat after a few hours of exploring a new city. Well, this backpack has air-flow back padding that goes beyond simple mesh. It features multiple cushions to keep your back comfortable and cool.

air-flow back padding of the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack
Air-flow back padding of the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Additionally, I love the shock-absorbing shoulder straps—which also feature thumb holes that make them easier to adjust and tighten without straining yourself—and the ergonomic carrying strap at the top.

On the bottom of the backpack is a kind of rough textured material to keep it from slipping, such as when you have your bag next to you on a long and bumpy bus ride or train journey.

Also, don’t worry about getting caught in the rain, as this high-quality piece of LEVEL8 hand luggage is made of water-repellent 1680D ballistic polyester.

woman in a blue dress wearing a black LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack and pulling down on the thumb holes to tighten the straps
I love how easy this travel backpack is to adjust. Photo via Jessie Festa.


  • Plenty of space without being bulky
  • Weather resistant material
  • 26 organizational pockets
  • Padded back and adjustable padded straps to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Only one color option (black)
  • Short refund window, though they do offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty too
  • If you’re on a budget, this high-tech bag is on the pricier side (though code jessieonajourney10 gets you 10% off)
woman in a blue dress smiling at the camera while holding onto the straps of the LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack
The LEVEL8 Atlas Laptop Backpack is great for travel, work, and exploring your home city. Photo via Jessie Festa.

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LEVEL8 Luggage FAQ

Now that we’ve reviewed some of LEVEL8’s top-selling luggage, let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

Q) Does LEVEL8 offer free shipping?

LEVEL8 offers free shipping to customers within the Contiguous US, Canada, and Europe. After a 1-2 day processing time, people from those locations can expect to receive their luggage within a week.

Q) Where does LEVEL8 ship to?

LEVEL8 ships to the Contiguous US, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. You can visit their shipping page for more details on the exact countries they ship to as well as pricing and wait times for shipping.

Q) Does LEVEL8 offer payment plans?

Yes, you can pay the total upfront or opt to pay through interest-free installments through ShopPay.

Q) What is the best way to clean LEVEL8 luggage?

LEVEL8 luggage can be cleaned with everyday cleaning liquid or Clorox wipes.

grey cat on top of a LEVEL8 Luminous Textured cabin suitcase that is packed and ready for travel
LEVEL8 suitcases also make great kitty beds. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Q) Does LEVEL8 also make soft-shell luggage?

If you’d prefer a soft-shell suitcase that expands, check out their Stride Carry-On.

Q) Where can you buy LEVEL8 luggage?

The best place to purchase is directly from their website, as this ensures you get the Limited Lifetime Warranty included. Here you can also read LEVEL8 luggage reviews.

Q) Is there a LEVEL8 luggage warranty?

Your LEVEL8 luggage purchase comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers manufacturing defects! Additionally, they offer a 7-day refund policy.

Q) How do you do a LEVEL8 luggage lock reset?

First, set the dials to 000. Then you’ll use a narrow tool to press down on the Reset button. Hold this button down and set the dials to your combination of choice. Finally, let go of the Reset button.

a row of three black LEVEL8 luggage pieces: an Atlas Laptop Backpack on top of a medium-sized Luminous Textured suitcase, with a larger suitcase to the left and a smaller carry on suitcase to the right
LEVEL8 luggage. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Is LEVEL8 Luggage Good? Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for high-quality luggage that will last you throughout your many adventures, LEVEL8 is an excellent pick.

Not only are their suitcases and backpacks durable and weather-resistant, but they also keep comfort and function in mind, from small but impactful touches (like thumb holes in the backpack straps) to important features like additional organizational pockets and ergonomic designs.

Also, I’m obsessed with the wheels on the suitcases! No more dragging my carry-on behind me through the airport.

As I go on more trips using my LEVEL8 luggage, I will update this review if needed.

Please leave questions about this LEVEL8 luggage review below!