Things To Do in New Orleans

If you’re planning your next trip to or around America, don’t miss out on New Orleans. The city is rich with culture and history, and there’s much more to see than just the tourist spots. 

The Louisiana leisure and hospitality industry is the fourth-highest employer in the state, so you might think it’s hard to find something that isn’t crawling with tourists. 

Everyone has heard about their jazz parties, festivals, and the famous Bourbon Street, but there is much more to see around this area, and many people describe it as magical. 

1. Explore The Mystical Side of New Orleans

Orleans is also famous for its magical traditions and unique mystical side. Let’s explore some of these options:

Learn about history in the French Quarter

Yes, the French Quarter is pretty well known among tourists and people from New Orleans, but there’s a point to this: it’s the most historical part of the city. The first colonialists arrived there in the early seventeen hundreds, and they had a strong influence on both culture and architecture. 

Evidently, walking through this territory is a must. Here are some spots you can’t miss: 

Jackson Square: it’s near the river and is one of the oldest in New Orleans. St. Louis Cathedral is located at one of the ends and it’s the oldest active Roman Catholic Cathedral in the U.S. It was originally built in 1724. If you want to buy some incredible artwork and nice souvenirs, that’s the place to go. You can even take a carriage tour of the city. 

1850 House: If you go to the opposite side of Jackson Square, you’ll see the 1850 House. This is a multi-storied, decorated with furniture from the period and artwork, to depict the family life of middle-class people in New Orleans’s golden years. 

The Cabildo: This place is located near St. Louis Cathedral, and it’s one of the most important historical buildings in the city. It was the city’s seat of government in the past, and it’s also where the Louisiana Purchase was signed in 1803. It functions as a museum today, with different historical exhibits that you can admire. 

Historic French Market: The French Market is another spot worth visiting, and it’s around 6 blocks in the quarter. You can find cheap, delicious food and great shopping places in this area. 

Hidden voodoo and spiritual sites

The magical side of New Orleans isn’t complete without exploring some of the most famous voodoo and mystical places. These are some of the most iconic spots to visit: 

The voodoo spiritual temple: you can get a more authentic experience here since it’s not as touristy as other spots. 

St. Roch Chapel and cemetery: this chapel is known for its unusual relics and healing properties, this site is creepy and fascinating.

2. Dive Into Local Art and Culture

New Orleans has a wonderful art culture, and here are some places you can’t miss:

Off-the-Radar museums

The major museums of New Orleans are good, of course, but New Orleans has a lot more niche museums to visit, and those aren’t as crowded, such as:

Backstreet Cultural Museum: it’s located in the Tremé neighborhood, and it showcases the history-rich traditions of Mardi Gras and jazz funerals. 

Southern Food and Beverage Museum: this unconventional museum is dedicated to Southern cuisine, and you can participate in tastings and demos.

Street art and murals

The art scene in New Orleans isn’t just about galleries. There’s very original street art in neighborhoods like Bywater and Marigny. This is where you can go:

StudioBE: it used to be a warehouse, but nowadays you can find murals by local artists, like Brandan “Bmike” Odums.

Frenchmen Art Market: this open-air market offers everything, from unique local artworks to original crafts.

3. Unique Experiences to Try

New Orleans is already a pretty unique place to be, so it’s no surprise that if you’re looking for a more original experience, this is the city to visit. These are some of the choices below.

Cemetery and ghost tours

A lot of people think of ghosts, ghouls, and spirits when they think of New Orleans. In fact, 63% of people in New Orleans believe in the supernatural. The entire city is famous for its haunted spots, and there’s more to see than just the typical ghost tours. Try these:

French Quarter Phantoms Tour: the guides on this tour are very knowledgeable, and they tell engaging stories. You can deep dive into the French Quarter’s ghostly history. 

Save Our Cemeteries Tours: if you’re interested in cemeteries, you can get exclusive access to some of the city’s oldest and most mysterious cemeteries with this company. 

Swamp tours and excursions to nature

Just like there are tours for ghosts, cuisine, and culture, you can discover the natural beauty of Louisiana’s wetlands through excursions. Here’s where to go: 

Cajun Encounters: visit the bayou with a few others and satisfy your curiosity with their guides and experts in the wildlife and ecosystems surrounding New Orleans. 

Honey Island Swamp Tour: with this tour, you can spot alligators, wild boars, and bird species, without missing beautiful landscapes. 

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New Orleans is a delightful, whimsical city to visit. There’s something for everyone there, and as a solo traveller, you’ll be able to freely enjoy these “secret” experiences at your own pace. From enchanting gardens to unique museums and food tastings, enjoying New Orleans has never been easier.