5 Reasons to Visit the Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

If you’re planning a trip to Malta, you can’t miss a trip to the Blue Lagoon. Known for its magical clear waters and considered to be one of the best in the Mediterranean, the Blue Lagoon is a bucket list trip and definitely an experience for the ocean solo. If you’re looking for your next solo adventure, here are five reasons to visit the Blue Lagoon Malta Comino. 

Reasons to Visit Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

1. Easy To Reach

The idyllic Blue Lagoon is on the small island of Comino, the smallest island in the Maltese archipelago between the islands of Malta and Gozo. The island state of Malta is located south of Italy, which makes it easy to include if you are backpacking through Europe or even looking for a day trip when you are in Malta.

The Malta International Airport, known as the Valletta Airport, receives direct flights from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain, among many other countries, so relatively easy to get to. Being on an island, sea transportation is the main way to get to the Blue Lagoon but you have many options. You can take a ferry to Comino, a day cruise, or a private charter.

The most common way is to take the ferry that departs from Marka and Cirkewwa in Malta or Mgarr in Gozo. The day cruises you can take depart on regular schedules especially during peak season, allowing tourists to get on and off the island with ease.

Or you can take a tour that also takes you to the Crystal Lagoon caves for swimming and snorkleing. They are a great way to see the Blue Lagoon easily and you get to meet others on the tour too! Choose from a short sunset trip or a longer day trip.  * Check rates and availability for Blue Lagoon tour

Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

2. Stunning Views

When you visit the Blue Lagoon you’ll get to enjoy its sun-soaked seascapes first and foremost. There is something about the water and sun that just appeals to solo explorers.The water is crystal clear and reflects the colour of the sea, dazzling with its blend of turquoise and azure colours. Towering limestone cliffs and white sand complete the paradise aesthetic while exuding seclusion and relaxation.

The island of Comino is also home to abandoned buildings, towers, and caves you can explore and enjoy in between swims. Wherever you look, you are sure to find breathtaking views to both inspire and relax you.

Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

3. Plenty of Activities

Aside from swimming in the beautiful waters and basking in the warmth of the sun, there are other water activities available when you go on a trip to the Blue Lagoon. Snorkelling and diving are top activities as the clear water allows you to fully immerse yourself in underwater sights. There’s also a whole host of watersports available across the island.

The small island is also easy to walk and explore due to its relatively small size, and if you do go hiking, you’ll be able to marvel at the breathtaking sea views from atop rocky cliffs and trails. There are many bars, food kiosks, shops, and facilities on the island, so you are free to travel lightly as you go around and get your supplies from the local vendors.

There are also plans for the only hotel in Comino to become a holistic resort with spas and dining in the next few years, so that is another thing to look forward to. * Check rates and availability for Blue Lagoon tour

Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

4. Worth Visiting All Year Round

Malta is known for its wonderful summers and mild winters, and tourists can enjoy almost 300 days of sun throughout the year. Thus, travelling to the Blue Lagoon can be pretty flexible and is perfect even for an impromptu solo trip when your schedule allows.

You can travel from spring all the way to autumn and even in warm winter. Spring is when the water starts to get warm and isn’t too crowded, so you can make the most of the peaceful surroundings.

While summer is by far the busiest time of the year it is when the water is the warmest and the views are the most breathtaking. In the autumn and winter, the hustle and bustle die down again, and the sea is still warm enough for a quick swim.

Blue Lagoon Malta Comino

5. It’s Safe!

One of the top questions when travelling alone often revolves around safety. While at the Blue Lagoon, there are lifeguards and warning flags around during the swimming months that will make sure that you stay safe while in the water. With regard to crime, Malta has a very low crime rate compared to other countries in Europe.

Most of the crime is petty, and the crime rates have been declining in recent years. In addition, the Maltese people are warm and friendly and look out for their community, which is another thing you won’t have to worry about as a solo traveller. * Check rates and availability for Blue Lagoon tour

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Blue Lagoon Malta Comino