Solo Travel In Switzerland (Ultimate Guide!)

By Gemma Tedaldi-Davies. This guide to traveling solo in Switzerland contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Interested in solo travel in Switzerland, but need help with the planning?

Then you’re in the right place!

Known for its stunning landscapes, handicrafts like woodcarving and watchmaking, and delicious chocolate and cheese, there are many reasons to plan a solo trip to Switzerland.

And while traveling solo in Switzerland may seem daunting at first, having lived there myself for the last few years I can say it is a fantastic and worthwhile experience.

On top of the highlights mentioned above, locals tend to be friendly, the country is safe overall, and the public transportation is some of the best in the world. We’ll discuss this more below.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to plan a safe, fun, and memorable Switzerland solo travel itinerary!

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Once you’ve grabbed your seat, read on to learn how to travel Switzerland on your own.

Is Solo Travel In Switzerland Worth It?

In my opinion, Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe to travel alone thanks to its exceptional safety, well-developed public transportation networks, and efficient infrastructure that makes it easy to navigate and explore independently.

The country’s stunning landscapes — including the majestic Alps, serene lakes, and charming villages — offer a plethora of outdoor activities perfect for solo adventurers, such as hiking, solo skiing, and scenic train journeys.

Swiss cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Lucerne provide a blend of rich history, cultural experiences, and delicious culinary delights, inviting solo travelers to explore museums, galleries, and local eateries at their own pace.

The welcoming and multilingual Swiss locals, along with the country’s reputation for cleanliness and organization, create a comfortable and friendly environment for solo travelers to feel at ease while discovering the beauty and charm of Switzerland.

Additionally, the country’s emphasis on safety, efficient services, and well-marked trails make it an ideal destination for those seeking both active travel adventures and tranquility while traveling alone.

solo traveler in Switzerland visiting the Bachalpsee in Grindelwald
The beautiful Bachalpsee in Grindelwald during the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Is Switzerland Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Switzerland is very safe for solo female travelers. According to Travel Safe-Abroad, your risk of being the victim of a crime is very low. This goes for both violent crimes like mugging as well as theft crimes like pickpocketing.

As with most European destinations, it’s still smart to stay aware of your surroundings and take any normal solo travel safety precautions like not leaving drinks unattended, keeping valuables hidden, and not walking home alone at night, especially in desolate areas.

That being said, having lived in the country for a while now, I have never felt unsafe when on my own.

Switzerland Solo Travel Logistics:

Before we discuss where to travel solo in Switzerland, let’s go over some helpful logistical information to help you travel solo successfully.

Where is Switzerland?

Switzerland is located at the heart of central Europe, bordering the countries of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein.

solo female traveler in Switzerland enjoying amazing mountain views.
Solo female traveler in Switzerland enjoying amazing mountain views. Photo: Chait Goli via Pexels.

Getting to Switzerland

Solo travel to Switzerland is extremely easy, with numerous options for getting to this beautiful country. The easiest is by plane, with three main airports that serve international flights including:

  • Geneva International Airport (GVA)
  • Zurich Airport (ZRH)
  • EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL)

If traveling solo to Switzerland from one of the neighboring countries of Italy, Austria, France, or Germany, then hopping on the public transport network is equally as easy, with a vast network of trains throughout the country.

You can use a platform like Omio to research and book trains, buses, and other public transportation.

Lake Thun with mountains in the background
View of the Swiss Alps from a lake cruise. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Best time to take a solo Switzerland trip

The shoulder seasons of spring (April through mid-June) and autumn (mid-September through October) are the best months to take a solo trip to Switzerland.

With fewer crowds, cheaper accommodation prices, and some of the best weather of the year, these months are perfect for most activities you’d want to add to a Switzerland itinerary.

October, in particular, is great for visiting Switzerland solo as you might get the chance to witness the well-known Alpabzug, otherwise known as “when the cows come home from the mountains.” During this time, you’ll find elaborately decorated cows and festivities celebrating the return of the herds.

Getting around Switzerland as a solo traveler

Getting around Switzerland is also relatively easy, even if you don’t speak one of the many languages.

With a great network of public transport options connecting the larger cities to lesser-known destinations throughout the country, solo travel in Switzerland is a breeze.

With numerous trains, boats, trams, cable cars, and funiculars to choose from, the best way to make the most of solo female travel in Switzerland is to buy a Swiss Travel Pass or a series of Day Passes, depending on how long you wish to spend at each location and what your budget is.

You can also use a platform like Omio to research and book public transportation around Switzerland and Europe in general.

woman taking in a view over The Limmat river in Zurich on during solo travel in Switzerland
The heart of Zurich in the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Best Places For Solo Travel In Switzerland

One of the biggest benefits of traveling solo is getting to create your own schedule without having to compromise.

While that is great and can make traveling alone fun, sometimes it’s helpful to have some guidance on where to visit, so here are the best places for solo travel in Switzerland.

1. Basel

My current home, and somewhere that should be high on any list of places to visit in Switzerland solo, is Basel.

Located in northwest Switzerland, this small city is a fantastic place for solo travel thanks to the numerous attractions across the city throughout the year and the fact that you can get from one end of the city center to the other in under half an hour via tram.

There is also a wide range of accommodation options, so it’s perfect for every budget.

aerial view of Basel's historic buildings and river
View from Basler Münster (Cathedral) over the city. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

In the colder months, there are plenty of art galleries and museums to keep you busy — like the Tinguely Museum, Kunst Museum, and Natural History Museum Basel.

You should also visit the Basler Münster, the city’s main cathedral. Built between 1019 and 1500, it’s historic, beautiful, and offers an amazing view over Basel.

Basel also has a wonderful autumn festival called Herbstmesse and of course the famous winter Christmas Markets.

Visiting Switzerland in the summer? You can opt to sit alongside the famous Rhine River or even go for a swim.

View overlooking Klein Basel and the River Rhine enjoying during solo travel in Switzerland
View overlooking Klein Basel and the River Rhine. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Additionally, there are many free summer music festivals as well as numerous parks and gardens — all of which are free to visit.

A few greenspaces not to miss include the University of Basel Botanical Garden, which is home to 7,500 different plant species, and Merian Gardens, which is also home to an 18th-century villa.

Basel solo travel is also great as it is well connected to neighboring France and Germany, so if you fancy a day trip across the border, then this is the place in Switzerland to do it from. Both the Black Forest in Germany and the Alsace region in France are accessible by train!

🏨 Basel Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Basel.
🗺 Basel Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Basel.

2. Zurich

Zurich is another of the best places for solo travel in Switzerland, as it has plenty to see, great food and accommodation options, and fantastic public transport that connects across the whole city as well as Lake Zurich.

Additionally, you’ll find many other solo travelers here, as Zurich is home to Switzerland’s largest airport.

If you plan on staying a few days, the Zurich City Card is great for trains, trams, and buses throughout the city.

As with most cities in Switzerland, you can easily see the main attractions in Zurich in a day or two.

In terms of specific things to do alone in Zurich, make sure to visit Altstadt, a beautiful old town filled with historic architecture and viewpoints over the city.

historic buildings in Zurich's old town Altstadt
Stunning views of Zurich’s old town in the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

The Grossmunster, a Romanesque-style Protestant church, and its surrounding Zwingliplatz square are perfect examples of this, with great views across the Limmat River and over to St. Peter’s Church — which is the oldest parish church in Zurich.

You’ll also find numerous interesting museums and art galleries to enjoy on your Switzerland solo trip, like the:

  • Swiss National Museum, which is the perfect place to learn about Switzerland’s culture and history. It also has a variety of exhibitions that change regularly, highlighting various aspects of Swiss culture.
  • Beyer Clock and Watch Museum (Uhrenmuseum Beyer), which houses ancient, antique, and modern clocks and watches, some of which show the history of timekeeping from before 1000 BC!

Another can’t-miss attraction on a solo trip to Zurich is the Lake Zurich waterfront, where you can take a scenic stroll while enjoying panoramic views of the pristine lake framed by urban architecture, lush parks, and the distant Swiss Alps.

woman visiting Lake Zurich on a solo trip to Switzerland
Lake Zurich looking along the Promenade in the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Around the lake, you can also visit one of my favorite places in Zurich, the Temple Garden by the Lake, a beautiful and peaceful Chinese garden. It’s one of the highest-ranking gardens outside of China.

Love luxury shopping? Make sure to walk Zurich’s main downtown street, Bahnhofstrasse, which connects Lake Zurich with the city’s main railway station.

Along the street, you’ll find loads of high-end shops. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything, simply window shopping and seeing the beautiful buildings are worth the walk.

As with the rest of Switzerland, Zurich solo travel is generally very safe; however, it’s recommended to avoid Landstrasse after dark, as this former red light district can get a little rowdy.

🏨 Zurich Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Zurich.
🗺 Zurich Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Zurich.

3. Lucerne

Lucerne, a charming city nestled amid the breathtaking panorama of mountains and Lake Lucerne, is a great place for solo travel in Switzerland. It’s renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture, wooden footbridges, and vibrant cultural scene blending nature, history, and art.

As it’s relatively small, the main tourist attractions are fairly close together, so getting around on public transport or by walking is easy.

Lake Lucerne backed by the Swiss Alps
Lake Lucerne in winter with spectacular views of the Alps. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

There are numerous free Lucerne attractions you should add to your Switzerland itinerary, such as:

  • Hofkirche St. Leodegar, a beautiful church with a quaint interior and mini cloister garden.
  • Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) and Spreuerbrücke (Spreuer Bridge), two beautiful wooden footbridges often covered in flower boxes that link perfectly to…
  • Lucerne Altstadt, where you can take in old town charm, sip coffee at cute cafes, and grab a tasty bite to eat along the River Reuss.
  • Musegg Wall (Museggmauer), a lesser-known attraction that is also my favorite. It’s Lucerne’s old city wall that you can climb up to see Lucerne from above.

💡 Pro tip: Get the best of both worlds with a Lucerne tour that includes exploring both old town and the waterfront — like this top-rated Lucerne walking and boat tour.

Lucerne is also an ideal place to base yourself for a few days as it is easy to reach the local mountains and other smaller, lesser-known destinations via public transport from here.

Hopping in a cable car bound for a mountain top, or on a boat for a cruise across a lake are some of the best things to do alone in Switzerland.

snow covering Mount Pilatus in Switzerland
Mountain views from up Mount Pilatus. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

A few of the best day trips from Lucerne for solo travelers include:

  • Mount Pilatus, which is the nearest mountain to Lucerne and can be accessed via cable car or funicular railway.
  • Mount Rigi and Mount Burgenstock, both of which require a boat trip and then a funicular train trip.

🏨 Lucerne Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Lucerne.
🗺 Lucerne Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Lucerne.

4. The Bernese Oberland

You can’t visit Switzerland and not venture to the Bernese Oberland. Here, you can experience solo travel in the Swiss Alps!

Covering a vast area that includes Interlaken, the Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen valleys, both Brienzersee (Lake Brienz) and Thunersee (Thun Lake) and all the towns and villages that lie on them, as well as numerous other mountain villages, the Bernese Oberland is a great place to either base yourself for a few days or as the only place you visit on a solo trip to Switzerland.

Interlaken riverside
View of the glacial river water and old bridge in Interlaken during the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

This area, and Interlaken in particular, is known for its adrenaline-fueled activities. From skydiving out of helicopters to paragliding from mountain tops, base jumping in mountain valleys, and seasonal sports like tobogganing in the winter and ziplining in the summer, there is no shortage of adventure travel experiences.

Additionally, Interlaken is on the main Switzerland solo travel trail, so you’re almost certain to run into other travelers looking to make friends on the road.

Even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, Interlaken is still worthwhile, as there are many options for day trips. You can cruise on pristine lakes, visit nearby mountain towns, and explore the mountains themselves.

A few personal recommendations for day trips from Interlaken include:

  • Take a cruise on Thun Lake from Interlaken to Spiez, and potentially on to the town of Thun itself
    • Note: You can also do this by train if you prefer
Swiss village of Spiez on Lake Thun
The village of Spiez from Lake Thun. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.
  • Take the train from Interlaken Ost railway station to the village of Lauterbrunnen before either:
    • …heading up the mountain via the Wengeralpbahn Railway to the village of Wengen and taking the Luftseilbahn Wengen-Männlichen cable car up to the peak of Männlichen
    • …walking along the Lauterbrunnen Valley from Lauterbrunnen Station to Stechelberg and on up to Schilthorn, stopping at various waterfalls along the way

Along with natural beauty, the Bernese Oberland area is a wonderful Swiss destination thanks to the friendly locals as well as the wide range of accommodation and food options for every traveler.

My personal favorite Bernese Oberland accommodation is the log cabins at Camping Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen. Here you’ll enjoy a central location surrounded by stunning mountains. You’re also right next to the beautiful Staubbach Waterfall, and can also enjoy delicious Swiss food in their onsite restaurant.

🏨 Bernese Oberland Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Bernese Oberland.
🗺 Bernese Oberland Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Bernese Oberland.

5. Lausanne

If you dream of experiencing solo travel on Lake Geneva, this one is for you!

Another great place to visit while traveling solo in Switzerland is Lausanne. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and within easy reach of both the vibrant city of Geneva and the beautiful resort town of Montreux, Lausanne is a beautiful and historic city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

View over the buildings of Lausanne
View over Lausanne and the nearby Alps. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

As an Olympic Capital, the city boasts an Olympic park called Parc Olympique and the Olympic Museum along the lakeside — as well as a stunning medieval old town featuring the Lausanne Cathedral with impressive views from its bell tower, and boat trips on Lake Geneva, including crossings to France.

Along with boating, one of the top things to do alone at Lake Geneva is strolling the Ouchy Promenade, which goes for 1 kilometer from Port d’Ouchy and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the water. Along the way, you can take photos, go swimming, and even rent a paddle boat.

Lausanne is also a great base for some amazing day trips. Be sure to take a local train to the nearby Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, which hold UNESCO World Heritage Site status due to their cultural landscape significance.

solo traveler in Switzerland visiting the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces
Lavaus Vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the autumn. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Dating back to the 11th century, these vineyards showcase a centuries-old tradition of viticulture and wine production on steep terraced slopes along Lake Geneva, making them the perfect place to taste some of the local Swiss wine as well as hike through the impressive scenery.

Nearby, you can also visit Montreux which is also well known for its music festivals and cultural events, so if you plan on visiting be sure to check out if there is one happening. The Montreux Jazz Festival in July is particularly good.

🏨 Lausanne Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Lausanne.
🗺 Lausanne Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Lausanne.

Switzerland Solo Travel Map

To help give you a lay of the land, here is a solo travel in Switzerland map. It has all of the places mentioned in this guide pre-plotted:

Switzerland solo travel map

Click here for an interactive version of the Swiss travel map.

Tips For Taking A Solo Trip To Switzerland

Now that we’ve discussed where to go when traveling solo in Switzerland, let’s go over some important tips to keep in mind:

1. Know how to stay safe while traveling solo in Switzerland

If you’ve ever wondered “Is Switzerland safe to travel alone?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!”; however, it’s still wise to take precautions.

Actually, one of the most important things to do while traveling Switzerland solo is to make sure someone knows your plan for the day, especially if you intend on hiking alone.

If staying in a hostel, campsite, or hotel, the people at the reception will typically be more than happy to help with this.

Also be sure to have any apps and maps that you might need, as well as a power bank to ensure your phone is always charged.

For instance, if you’ll be hiking in the mountains, install the Swiss Topo App and White Risk App, so you can be kept aware of any changes to the trails. Another good one is the SBB Mobile App, which can help you navigate public transportation in Switzerland.

Additionally, AllTrails is great for trail maps — including offline trail maps if you opt for their pro version.

view to Basel Munster and the Altstadt in the autumn
View to Basel Munster and the Altstadt in the autumn. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

2. Create a solo travel budget

Switzerland can be a hard country to budget for as it isn’t exactly known for being cheap.

That being said, if you plan in advance you can get very good deals on public transport tickets as well as cheaper accommodation in Switzerland for solo travelers, especially if you visit during a shoulder season (April through mid-June or mid-September through October).

Saver Day Pass public transport tickets are one of the best ways to reduce costs, with the cheapest starting at 39 CHF for transport pretty much anywhere in the country for the entire day. Just note that some cable cars aren’t included.

The further in advance you purchase the ticket, the better deal you will get. If you plan on traveling solo through Switzerland for a while then the Swiss Travel Pass may be the cheaper option.

Another way to travel Switzerland on a budget is to not eat out in restaurants for every meal, as that is a surefire way to go over budget.

Instead, opt to eat breakfast at your accommodation or pick up a fresh baked good from a local bäckerei (bakery), then grab a takeaway lunch from a supermarket like Migros or Coop — both of which do great sandwiches and salads.

traveler riding a red train through the mountains during a solo trip in Switzerland
Take in beautiful views of Switzerland from the train. Photo: Chait Goli via Pexels.

3. Enjoy solo dining in Switzerland

When you travel alone, you may feel nervous about eating by yourself. Luckily, dining solo is not frowned upon in Switzerland and most places will be more than happy to accommodate this.

Just be sure to book in advance if you are visiting more touristy destinations or you might not be able to get a table.

If you would prefer to eat somewhere that you might get to chat with other people, then look out for Markthalle, which you’ll find in a few of the main cities like Basel and Zurich.

The Markthalle is generally an old market hall, that is now used to hold farmers’ markets and seasonal events, but with numerous permanent food stands showcasing regional and international cuisine. Not only do they offer a vast array of cuisines to try but are also very communal in the sense you eat with others at long tables.

Swiss cheese fondue in a silver pot
Make sure to enjoy some cheese fondue when visiting Switzerland solo. Photo: Patrik Felker via Pexels.

4. Find Swiss accommodation on a budget

For solo travelers in Switzerland who want to save money while still staying in amazing locations, opt for campsites and guesthouses.

Many campsites that are close to well-known destinations offer beautiful cabins you can stay in, and will typically have communal kitchens and common rooms where you can meet other travelers.

This is similar to guest houses and even some smaller hotels, where there are almost always common spaces with kitchen facilities that you can use for both cooking and meeting people.

solo traveler looking at the Swiss Alps through their tent
Camping in Switzerland often offers amazing views. Photo: Ezmari Nabizadeh via Pexels.

5. Understand cultural etiquette in Switzerland

A big part of travel is experiencing a way of life that is different from your own, which you’ll also encounter during solo travel in Switzerland.

First and foremost, always be punctual — or even a little early — if you have a reservation. This is especially important if you’ve booked a train ticket, bus ticket, or tour, as they will not wait for you.

Additionally, after 10 pm and all day on Sunday is quiet time across the country, so avoid strolling back to your hostel or campsite talking or singing loudly.

Another thing to get used to while traveling Switzerland solo, especially if you plan on doing a road trip and will be driving, is that pedestrians get the right of way. If you see a pedestrian at a road crossing, you legally have to stop to let them cross.

If you are the pedestrian crossing, just be sure to give a thank you hand wave to be polite. Trams and buses also get right of way in the main cities.

historic architecture and lush greenery of Bern, Switzerland
View of the old town of Bern, located in the heart of Switzerland. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Top Switzerland Tours For Solo Travelers

One of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit while making new friends during solo travel in Switzerland is to book a guided tour. A few top-rated tours in Switzerland include:

➡ Click here for a full list of guided tours in Switzerland!

Cost Of A Solo Trip To Switzerland

The cost of a solo trip to Switzerland can vary greatly depending on where you plan to visit, what you plan to do, and most importantly, when you plan to go.

Here is a breakdown of the rough costs for a solo trip in Switzerland. Yes, it’s an expensive country; but with careful planning, you can bring costs down significantly.

Accommodation. On average for nice but budget accommodation with a buffet breakfast you can expect to pay 70 CHF upwards per night. Chalet-style cabins in a campsite are around 150 CHF or more per night, and of course, more high-end accommodation is anything from 350 CHF per night.

You can use this map to research budget-friendly rentals and hotels in Switzerland here:

Food. The average restaurant will cost roughly 30 CHF per meal not including drinks, where you can expect to pay 8 to 10 CHF for a pint of beer or glass of wine and at least 17 CHF for a cocktail.

Pro tip: Don’t ever ask for water for the table, as it is often the most expensive drink you can order, with a still bottle of water often costing 30 CHF!

Public transport. If you plan on visiting many different locations, then the Swiss Travel Pass is one of the best options, and costs from 232 CHF for 3 days and up to 429 CHF for 15 days. If you are under 26 you also get a further 30% discount on the cost.

If you plan on staying in only a couple of locations, then public transport “city passes” are often included with accommodation stays, making getting around the location free.

yellow train riding along a mountain pass
Public transport in Switzerland offers epic views. Photo: Gotta Be Worth It via Pexels.

Rental car. The average cost for a budget or economy small car is around 50 CHF per day with the price rising rapidly during peak seasons. The longer you hire the car, the better the rate you’ll typically get. If you are looking to hire a campervan then it is around 120 CHF per day.

Pro tip: Use Discover Cars to compare your rental options in one tab. You can save up to 70% using their comparison tool.

Activities. This is highly dependent on what you plan on doing during your trip, but cable car or funicular railway return tickets to some of the more popular destinations can cost anywhere between 25 and 90 CHF.

The Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe is the most expensive, though is worth it for the breathtaking panorama of the Swiss Alps, featuring a unique high-altitude railway station, captivating ice palace, and observatory.

Switzerland solo traveler gazing out over the Jungfrau Region mountains
The Jungfrau Region’s iconic peaks during the summer. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Do You Need Travel Insurance For Switzerland?

When traveling solo to Switzerland, it’s wise to get travel insurance.

One of the best travel medical insurance for travelers is SafetyWing as they’ve got a large network and offer both short-term and long-term coverage — including coverage if you’re traveling for months as well as limited coverage in your home country.

Additionally, SafetyWing is budget-friendly and offers $250,000 worth of coverage with just one low overall deductible of $250.

Click here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks.

Traveling To Switzerland Alone: FAQ

Now that we’ve gone over where and how to solo travel in Switzerland, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions:

Q) Is Switzerland worth visiting?

Absolutely! Switzerland is a country like no other, with stunning landscapes, delicious food, wonderful traditions, and friendly locals waiting to help make your trip memorable.

Lausanne Lakefront Promenade with mountains in the background
Lausanne lakeside and marina views in autumn. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Q) Is Switzerland good for solo travel?

Solo travel in Switzerland is great thanks to how beautiful and safe the country is, not to mention how easy it is to get around in both the cities and mountains.

You are also very likely to meet like-minded people who are also traveling solo in Switzerland, or even groups of tourists from other countries who you will no doubt end up chatting with. I have often spoken with travelers from abroad — more often than not when on cable car journeys together — and it is great hearing where they have been and where they plan to go.

Q) Is it safe to travel to Switzerland alone?

Switzerland is very safe to travel around alone. Like all destinations across the world, there will be certain locations that you might want to avoid at night — typically outside the front of train stations in the main cities; but even so, I have never felt unsafe while traveling anywhere in Switzerland.

solo traveler in Switzerland cruising on Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne cruise ships. Photo: Gemma Tedaldi-Davies via The Travelling Tedaldi.

Q) What is the cheapest way to get around Switzerland?

The cheapest way to get around Switzerland is to get the Swiss Travel Pass. Depending on where you choose to visit in Switzerland, the Swiss Travel Pass will either give you free transport or highly reduced transport.

Q) What month is the cheapest for Switzerland?

One of the cheapest months to visit Switzerland is October. With the summer tourists gone and the winter sports season yet to start, not only can Switzerland be cheaper during this month, but also much quieter. This means more accommodation options and often cheaper travel passes for trains and attractions.

Q) Is backpacking Switzerland common?

You’ll find many backpackers in Switzerland, especially if you visit popular tourist destinations and stay at hostels.

Q) Can you drink the tap water in Switzerland?

Yes, tap water is safe to drink virtually everywhere in Switzerland.

solo female traveler enjoying stunning mountain views in Glarus, Switzerland
Solo female traveler enjoying stunning mountain views in Glarus, Switzerland. Photo: Kilian M via Pexels.

Final Thoughts On Solo Travel In Switzerland

Switzerland is an ideal destination for traveling solo. With efficient public transport across the country, you can easily navigate traveling alone from one destination to the next.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy wonderful hospitality and friendliness from the locals you meet, making it easy to connect and ask for recommendations wherever you may be.

Plus, Switzerland is often ranked one of the safest countries in the world, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time in this lovely country.

So if you are looking to experience incredible landscapes, delicious regional food, and some of the best and most beautiful alpine villages, towns, and cities, then traveling solo in Switzerland is for you.

What tips would you add to this guide on solo travel in Switzerland?

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