15 Best Beach Clubs In Holbox Island, Mexico

By Jessie Festa. This guide to Isla Holbox beach clubs contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Looking for the best beach clubs in Holbox Island, Mexico?

Then you’re in the right place!

From swimming with whale sharks to kayaking through mangroves to trying the island’s famous lobster pizza, there are many fun things to do in Holbox (pronounced Hole-BOSH).

This also includes spending time at the beach and visiting a few of the Holbox beach clubs that line the coast. When visiting Holbox myself, this was one of my favorite experiences.

And while there are many to choose from, not all are created equal. While some Isla Holbox beach clubs are trendy with lots of funky seating and Instagrammable aesthetics, others are chill and feel more like beach bars.

Along with the vibe, there is also a wide range in price, menus, amenities, and service as you move from beach club to beach club.

To help you choose the best beach club in Holbox for your trip, here are my top choices. These recommendations come from my own travels to Isla Holbox and spending time beach club hopping.

Note: In this guide, the names Holbox Island, Holbox, and Isla Holbox are used interchangeably. They all refer to the same destination in Mexico, North America.

⏳ Short on time? My top recommendations for planning a Holbox Island beach trip include:

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Capitán Capitán Beach Club
La Playa de Ñaña

🏨 Beachfront Hotels:
Holbox Dream Beach Front Hotel
Hotel Casa Las Tortugas
Zomay Beachfront Hotel Holbox

🚗 Airport Transfer: Along with taking the ADO Bus (also bookable on BusBud), you can book a shared shuttle or a private shuttle

🗺 Tours: Viator and GetYourGuide

📍Recommended Excursions:
Classic Three Island Tour
Isla Holbox Mangrove Kayaking Tour
Whale Shark & Snorkeling Adventure from Isla Holbox

🚶‍♀️ Getting Around: You can walk or bike to most Holbox Island attractions, including the main beach of Playa Holbox

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Where To Find The Best Holbox Beach Clubs

Most of Isla Holbox’s best beach clubs reside along Playa Holbox, the island’s main beach. It’s often touted as the best beach in Holbox.

Specifically, you’ll find them between Club de Playa El Velero and Las Nubes de Holbox, though you can also find more toward Playa Punta Cocos—one of Isla Holbox’s other amazing beaches.

Here is a map showing some of the many beach clubs between and along Playa Punta Cocos and Playa Holbox, with the last beach club heading east being Las Nubes de Holbox:

Isla Holbox beach clubs map

Aside from Playa Holbox, the main Holbox Island beaches include Playa Punta Cocos, Punta Mosquito, Passion Island (Isla De La Pasión), and Cabo Catoche.

What Are Isla Holbox Beach Clubs Like?

During my trip to Holbox, I found a variety of beach clubs, each offering their own unique experiences.

On one end of the spectrum, travelers can find budget-friendly beach bars that prioritize simplicity and relaxation.

Alternatively, there are upscale beach clubs reminiscent of those found in Tulum, characterized by their trendy aesthetics, electronic music, and a selection of pricier cocktails and gourmet snacks.

Many Holbox beach clubs are attached to hotels and charge an entry fee or purchase minimum for those who aren’t hotel guests. Not surprisingly, I found these fees to be much higher at the trendier clubs.

Between these two extremes, Holbox offers additional beachside experiences, like beachfront restaurants, and the beach itself—which is free to enjoy.

sunset over the Gulf of Mexico near Playa Holbox
Watching a stunning sunset from a Playa Holbox beach club. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Best Beach Clubs In Holbox Island

On that note, let’s go over some of the best beach clubs in Holbox Island and the highlights of each. Spending some time at a beach club is one of the top things to do in Holbox, so make sure to add this to your itinerary:

1) La Playa de Ñaña

Google Map

For a fun and budget-friendly beach club escape in Holbox, La Playa de Ñaña is a top choice.

When I visited, it was a 500 MXN minimum spend, and their menu had lots to choose from in terms of food and drinks.

You can opt for simple drinks like beer, wine, and spirits mixed with soda or juice, or get one of their fun tiki drinks—like the “Ke Kai Ekele” (The Caribbean Sea) made with white rum, aged rum, brown sugar, basil, and smashed watermelon.

If you’d prefer something non-alcoholic, opt for one of their mocktails or fruit smoothies.

Hungry? They’ve got a wide array of seafood options from sushi to ceviche and even lobster burritos.

Other highlights of this best Holbox beach club include friendly staff, cute seating areas with macrame backdrops, and the perfect place to take in an Isla Holbox sunset.

They also feature a unique photo opportunity, with a standalone double door mirror standing upright in the sand.

lounge chairs in the sand at La Playa de Ñaña Holbox
Boho vibes at La Playa de Ñaña. Photo via Jessie Festa.

2. La Carolinda Beach Club Holbox

Google Map

One of the most popular options, La Carolinda Beach Club on Holbox Island is loved for its laid-back atmosphere, offering guests a tropical retreat in a welcoming space with friendly staff.

Situated between Playa Holbox and Playa Punta Cocos, away from the main drag, La Carolinda Beach Club is on a quieter section of the beach.

With its scenic views, the club offers various seating options including sunbeds, chairs, hammocks, and even swings over the water for some whimsical fun.

In terms of food, their menu features delicious dishes like shrimp burgers, shrimp quesadillas, and salmon salads, among other seafood options. Hey, this is an island, after all!

To round out the Holbox beach club experience, La Carolinda also features great music, tasty cocktails (I loved their Aperol Spritz), smoothies, and lots of fun decor from glittery disco balls to murals.

3) Capitán Capitán Beach Club

Google Map

If you’re not looking for a “scene” and just want a good old-fashioned beach bar with tasty drinks and upbeat music, Capitán Capitán is awesome!

You’ll find a party atmosphere practically any time of day at this popular spot, which feels very chill and laid back.

Their servers are super friendly, and I loved relaxing at their picnic tables listening to live music on the beach, eating guacamole, and sipping on tropical drinks. They often have DJ sets too.

Say hi to their cat, Feliz, who adorably naps on the bar!

Note: While it was free for me to sit at their picnic tables, if you want to use their beach loungers it’s a minimum menu spend of 500 MXN.

people sitting at picnic tables at Capitán Capitán Beach Club
Capitán Capitán Beach Club is one of the best bars for live music, stunning sunsets, and great food and drink. Photo via Jessie Festa.

4) Beach Club Escape Holbox

Google Map

Part of the Hotel & Beach Club Escape Holbox, this small, rustic establishment offers a casual ambiance and is the perfect place to relax with your toes in the sand.

Their menu features dishes like ceviche and steamed fish, as well as reasonably priced drinks and cocktails. To really get in the tropical mood, order a piña colada made with Malibu and Bacardi.

Bonus: This Holbox beach bar’s location at the western end of Playa Holbox means you’ll be in the perfect spot to watch the sunset, so bring your camera!

5) Mandarina Beach Club Holbox

Google Map

If you’re looking for an upscale Isla Holbox beach club with elevated food and drink, friendly service, beautiful views, and prime sunset location, Mandarina is a great choice.

Part of the luxurious Hotel Casa Las Tortugas, you can choose to sit in the sand with chairs, couches, and tables directly on the beach or on their patio.

If you’re hungry and looking for Holbox restaurants on the beach, Mandarina’s restaurant serves a mix of Mexican and international dishes made with local ingredients.

When visiting, I loved their grilled vegetable platter and wine served in elegant stemware—though you can also ordered tiki drinks from the attached Umo Tiki Bar & Grill.

palm trees and chairs in the sand at Mandarina Holbox Beach Club
Funky seating at Mandarina Beach Club & Restaurant. Photo via Jessie Festa.

6) Serenity Beach Club

Google Map

Part of the Holbox Dream Beachfront Hotel, this beach club is located in the heart of Playa Holbox, the island’s main beach.

Expect a trendy atmosphere with lots of fun seating options, from sun loungers to covered tables to comfortable day beds.

Their framed wicker-woven entrance along with the many similarly-designed accents around the beach club create a bohemian vibe, and they’re also near two giant slabs showcasing painted murals jutting out from the water—which is a pretty unique sight.

When you’re ready to eat, a few menu highlights include their beautifully-plated fresh salads, ceviche, and tacos—and of course tropical drinks to pair!

7) El Chiringuito Beach Club Holbox

Google Map

This Isla Holbox beach club is part of Zomay Beachfront Hotel Holbox and offers a true taste of the Mexican Caribbean.

Relax in their bean bag chairs on the beach or lounge under a palapa while listening to live music, cocktail in hand. You can also nap in one of their hammocks.

While Mexico might not be the first place you think of to have pizza, Holbox is known for it, as is El Chiringuito Beach Club. They also serve a wide range of other dishes, from sushi to octopus to tacos. Yum!

woman in an orange bikini swimming in turquoise waters in Holbox, Mexico
Enjoying the warm turquoise waters along Playa Holbox. Photo via Jessie Festa.

8) MARUVA Restaurant & Beach Club

Google Map

If you’re looking for trendy Holbox beach clubs with a great vibe, MARUVA is a place where everything is beautiful.

First of all, you can rent white sun loungers under macrame umbrellas surrounded by palm trees while ordering gorgeously-plated dishes like tacos, ceviche, and sandwiches.

The cocktails coming out of their palapa-style bar are delicious as well as visually appealing with dried fruit slices and mint leaves to garnish.

Relax with friends in their large hammock beds or, if you’re traveling solo in Mexico, chill on a bean bag chair. You can also dance in the sand to their live DJs.

MARUVA is often touted as the best beach club in Holbox Island, so definitely add this one to your list!

9) Las Nubes Beach Club

Google Map

The last Holbox beach club while heading east along Playa Holbox, Las Nubes—which is part of the Hotel las Nubes Holbox— is one of the quieter options since it’s farther to get to.

For context, from the Holbox town center, it takes less than 10 minutes to walk to Mandarina and about 30 minutes to walk to Las Nubes Beach Club.

When I visited, I rode a bike to save time, which was a very enjoyable ride (though you will need to lock it up and keep it safe while you enjoy the sand and sea).

This Isla Holbox beach club offers comfortable lounging options on the beach—including chairs and daybeds in the shade—as well as water sports equipment like paddleboards.

When you’re hungry or ready to imbibe, they serve beachside snacks as well as drinks like mojitos, margaritas, and even more unique options like a “Pineapple Don Fernando Mezcalita” made with José Cuervo tequila blanco, Cointreau, and pineapple juice.

Bonus: If you’re looking to relax, you can also get an al fresco massage right on the beach!

This would be one of my top picks if I were on a solo beach trip thanks to the shady sunbathing options—since it’s harder to apply sunscreen—and quieter atmosphere.

lounge chairs and massage tables on the beach at Las Nubes Holbox Beach Club
Relaxing at Las Nubes Beach Club. Photo via Jessie Festa.

10) Raices Beach Club

Google Map

Famous for its tacos and fresh fish, Raices Beach Club is the Holbox beach club to go to when you’re hungry and want a truly delicious meal on the water.

Known for its commitment to the slow food movement, Raices offers a relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy smooth reggae music, excellent cocktails, and an array of fresh seafood from noon to midnight.

It’s especially ambient after dark when you can eat fresh seafood by torchlight.

Sit at a shaded table or grab a swing at the covered bar, which is decorated to look like the Rasta flag.

11) El Velero Beach Club

Google Map

Part of Hotel Puerto Holbox, El Velero Beach Club is close to the town center while still retaining a more secluded feel.

Relax in a day bed shaded by a palapa while letting the peace of the place, with its billowing palms and azure waters, wash over you.

Their restaurant serves tasty eats all day long, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to snacks in between; though, definitely consider ordering the “Sabana de Pescado.” This dish consists of freshly caught fish cooked tempura-style and served with a salad topped with pineapple chili dressing.

Along with the option to get massages on the beach, El Verero offers water sports rentals and games like ping pong for some added entertainment.

Fun fact: “El Velero” means “the sailboat” in English, and you’ll find nods to this throughout their decor—including sailboat-themed seating!

12) Mojito Beach Club

Google Map

Part of the Ser Casasandra Hotel, this is one of the pricier beach clubs I visited on my trip to Holbox, though the vibe is bohemian, the music is upbeat, and the menu is extensive.

You’ll find lots of beach chairs shaded by palapas and covered day beds with macrame dangling down for the quintessential boho chic aesthetic. They also do a good job of regularly combing the sand.

Note: I went here twice, and once was told non-hotel guests could rent day beds and another time was told they couldn’t. Either way, you’ll have access to their tables on the beach without needing to pay extra as long as you order food or drinks.

woman drinking a beer on the beach at Mojito's Holbox Mexico
Enjoying a beer at Mojito’s Beach Club on Playa Holbox. Photo via Jessie Festa.

13) Punta Coco Restaurant Bar

Google Map

While most of the above-mentioned beach clubs are on or around Playa Holbox, if you’re visiting Playa Punta Cocos you can head to the Punta Coco Restaurant Bar.

This small Holbox beach club features a few lounge chairs, day beds, and swings as well as bites like guacamole and ceviche and a bar serving refreshing drinks and cocktails.

If you’re looking to get away from the bustle of Holbox’s main beach, this can be a nice option.

14) Cariocas Beach Bar

Google Map

For some Holbox nightlife on the beach, Cariocas Beach Bar is a fun palapa bar with a party atmosphere featuring live music and DJs.

Not only does it stay open until 3am or later, but they often host special events and drink promotions—like 2-for-1 margaritas. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for details!

15) Bikini Bottom Holbox

Google Map

If you’re looking for Isla Holbox bars on the beach that stay open late, the divey Bikini Bottom is a must. I passed this late-night beach club when returning from my Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour at around 3am and the party was still going.

If you like to dance, this Holbox Island nightlife option features live DJs! Not only that, but the drinks are cheap and they have unique swing seating for when you need a break.

woman in a red romper leaning against a palm tree at a Holbox Island beach club
Relax under billowing palm trees at a Holbox Island beach club. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Tips For Visiting Beach Clubs In Holbox Island

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best Holbox beach bars and clubs to visit, I want to share a few tips to help you prepare for your trip:

Respect Holbox’s eco-friendly policies

Holbox Island is part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, and many beach clubs adopt eco-friendly practices to minimize their impact on the environment. A few ways you can help include:

  • using biodegradable sunscreen
  • avoiding single-use plastics
  • respecting wildlife and natural areas around the beach clubs—such as by not flying a drone, which can disturb animals, particularly birds
crane sitting on a sandbar in Isla Holbox
Isla Holbox is part of Yum Balam Nature Reserve, which is home to 420+ bird species. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Go west to save money

In my experience, the farther west you go, the friendlier and more affordable the Holbox beach club. The newer, trendier, and more expensive Isla Holbox beach clubs tend to be heading east.

Check beach club entry fees

This is especially true if you have a specific Holbox beach club you’re trying to visit or if you want a sunbed, which you often have to pay for (typically about 500 MXN on average, which is sometimes deducted from your food and beverage bill). If you’re open to exploring, just make sure to ask each establishment how the fees work before sitting down.

Be mindful of seasonal crowds

Holbox Island can get quite busy during peak tourist seasons, which generally include the summer months and holiday periods. Isla Holbox beach clubs may be more crowded and require reservations well in advance during these times.

Holbox sunsets are amazing

Make sure you’re on the beach at sunset. The closer you get to Playa Punta Cocos, the more spectacular the sunset. If you don’t want to go all the way to Playa Punta Cocos, just move as far west down Playa Holbox as you can.

sunset along Playa Holbox
Seeing the sunset from Playa Holbox. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Best Beachfront Hotels In Holbox

If you’re looking for an amazing beachfront hotel in Holbox, check out the following properties. Keep in mind, many of the Isla Holbox beach clubs mentioned above are also attached to hotels too!

🏨 Holbox Dream Beach Front Hotel

This hotel is located right on the beach and provides rooms with a Caribbean theme, including modern features like air conditioning, free WiFi, and balconies or terraces. Guests have access to a private beach area, an outdoor swimming pool, beach towels, and a restaurant that serves both continental breakfast and Caribbean meals. The hotel is also conveniently close to Holbox town’s many restaurants.

➡ Click here for full details & to book a room.

🏨 Zomay Beachfront Hotel Holbox

This 4-star hotel in Holbox offers rooms with beach views, complimentary WiFi, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. Facilities for guests include a private beach, garden, terrace, playground, and a restaurant that serves Caribbean food overlooking the ocean. There are several breakfast choices, free parking, and it’s near both Playa Holbox and Punta Coco.

➡ Click here for full details & to book a room.

🏨 Hotel Casa Las Tortugas

This family-run beachfront hotel includes an outdoor pool, hot tub, several restaurants, a yoga center, and rooms in stylish huts with a bohemian flair. The highlights for me were the luxurious spa and the Playa Holbox beach club, which boasts excellent music, tasty food and drinks, stunning views, and welcoming service. Additionally, activities like kiteboarding and snorkeling are available for those looking to get active on the Yucatán Peninsula.

➡ Click here for full details & to book a room.

pool at Hotel Casa Las Tortugas Holbox
Hotel Casa Las Tortugas. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Best Beach Tours In Holbox

To help you really enjoy the best beaches in Isla Holbox, here are some top-rated tours—all of which include some type of beach or aquatic aspect:

➡ Click here for a full list of Isla Holbox tours.

Holbox Beach Clubs FAQ

Now that we’ve gone over the best beach clubs in Holbox Island, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Q) What are the best beaches to visit in Holbox?

Playa Punta Cocos and Playa Holbox (the main beach) are among the best, offering stunning sunsets and crystal-clear waters.

Q) Is Isla Holbox safe?

According to Travel Safe-Abroad, Isla Holbox is safe and your risk of being the victim of a violent crime or scam is low—though do be aware of potential dangers with weather events like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

Q) Is it safe to swim in Holbox?

Yes, it is safe to swim in Holbox, with its calm, shallow waters making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

woman in an orange bikini walking along Punta Mosquito beach in Holbox Island, Mexico
Yes, it is safe to swim in Isla Holbox. The water is warm too! Photo via Jessie Festa.

Q) Does Holbox have white sandy beaches?

Yes, you can enjoy white sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, and natural beauty at places like Playa Holbox, Playa Punta Cocos, and Punta Mosquito.

Q) Is Holbox a party island?

No, Holbox is not considered a party island; it’s more known for its relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, though you can find late-night beach parties at places like Hot Corner, Bikini Bottom Holbox, and Cariocas Beach Bar.

Q) What is the dress code for Isla Holbox beach clubs?

The dress code for beach clubs in Isla Holbox is usually casual and beachy, with an emphasis on comfort and relaxation. Think bathing suits, sun dresses, and shorts.

Q) What are some quiet and inexpensive beach clubs in Holbox Island?

Due to its location as the last Isla Holbox beach club while heading east along Playa Holbox, Las Nubes is one of the quieter and more budget-friendly options.

seaweed and sand along Playa Holbox
Playa Holbox is where you’ll find many of the island’s best beach clubs. Photo via Jessie Festa.

Isla Holbox Beach Clubs: Final Thoughts

No trip to Isla Holbox would be complete without spending time at a local beach club; or, if you’re like me, many beach clubs!

Luckily, there is a Holbox beach club to suit every personality, whether you want to focus on amazing food at places like Raices and Mandarina, are looking to escape the crowds at Las Nubes, are craving a late-night beach party at Bikini Bottom, or want those trendy boho vibes the island is known for at Serenity and MARUVA.

No matter where you choose to stick your toes in the sand, you’re almost guaranteed a slice of Mexican island paradise!

What best Holbox beach clubs would you add to this list?