Spokane Valley Mall || All You Need To Know Before You Go

Nestled in the heart of Spokane Valley Washington the Valley Mall stands as a beacon of shopping entertainment, and dining experiences. This sprawling complex is more than just a place to shop. It is a community hub where families, friends, and visitors can come together to enjoy a day filled with activities and discovery. With over 100 stores including top national retailers and unique local boutiques Spokane Valley Mall offers a diverse range of shopping options for every visitor.

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History and Development

The Spokane Valley Mall opened its doors in 1997 rapidly becoming a central figure in the region retail landscape. Its development was a significant milestone for Spokane Valley symbolizing growth and progress. Over the years the mall has undergone several expansions to accommodate more stores restaurants, and entertainment options solidifying its status as a key destination in Eastern Washington. The mall’s architecture and design reflect the surrounding area’s natural beauty, making shopping an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Shopping Experience

Shopping at the mall is an adventure in itself. The mall caters to a broad spectrum of needs and desires with a vast array of stores ranging from high-end fashion brands to essential household goods. The layout is designed for easy navigation allowing shoppers to explore at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Seasonal decorations and events add to the ambiance making each visit unique. Whether you are updating your wardrobe searching for the perfect gift, or just browsing, Spokane Valley Mall provides an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

Dining and Entertainment Options

The is not just about shopping but also a prime dining and entertainment destination. The food court and surrounding restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights from quick bites to sit-down meals satisfying every palate. For entertainment, the mall boasts a state-of-the-art movie theatre that provides the latest blockbusters in a comfortable setting. Additionally, special events and activities are regularly organized, ensuring that something new and exciting is happening at the Spokane Valley Mall.

Community and Events

The Spokane Valley Mall plays an active role in hosting events catering to all ages and interests. From holiday celebrations to charity fundraisers the mall is a gathering place where the community comes together. These events provide entertainment and strengthen the bonds within the Spokane Valley community, making the mall more than just a shopping destination. It is a place where memories are made.

Accessibility and Services

Accessibility and convenience are priorities at the Spokane Valley Mall. With ample parking, easy access via public transportation, and a variety of services, including Wi-Fi stroller rentals and a children’s play area, the mall ensures a hassle-free visit for everyone. Customer service representatives are always on hand to assist with any needs making each visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Economic Impact

The Spokane Valley Mall has had a profound economic impact on the region. It provides employment opportunities to hundreds of people and attracts visitors from neighboring areas, boosting local business. The mall presence has encouraged the development of surrounding areas leading to increased property values and the establishment of new companies. This positive economic cycle has contributed significantly to the prosperity and growth of Spokane Valley.


The shopping center is more than just a shopping center. It is a vibrant part of the Spokane Valley community. The mall offers a diverse range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for everyone. Its contribution to the local economy and community spirit makes it a cherished destination embodying the heart and soul of Spokane Valley. Whether you are a resident or a visitor the Spokane Valley Mall promises a memorable experience filled with joy discovery, and connection.


What are the operating hours of Spokane Valley Mall?

The mall operating hours vary but typically it opens from 10 AM to 9 PM on weekdays. And Saturdays and from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sundays.

Does Spokane Valley Mall have gift cards available?

Yes! Gift cards are available and can be used at any store within the mall that accepts them.

Are there any children’s play areas inside Spokane Valley Mall?

Yes! The mall features a children’s play area for young kids to enjoy while their parents shop.

Can I organize an event at mall?

The mall offers spaces for events. Interested parties should contact the mall management for more information and arrangements.

Is there a lost and found service at Spokane Valley Shopping Center?

Yes! A lost and found service is available. Items found within the mall can be reported and claimed at the customer service desk.

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