Going To An Amusement Park Alone

From the USA to Europe, there are some amazing amusement parks out there. Discover why going to an amusement park alone can be empowering and fun.

Travelling solo can be so much more fun when you visit amusement parks along the way. Although you won’t have anyone to hold your bag, you can go at your own pace, ride a roller coaster three times over and leave when you’re ready. If you need some solo trip ideas, here are my favourite theme parks, where you can scream to your heart’s content.

going to an amusement park alone

Going To an Amusement Park Alone

Going to an amusement park alone can be great. You don’t have to wait in long lines for group rides. You can hop on the rides quickly all by yourself. You get to watch other people having fun and maybe even make some new friends. It’s all about you, doing what you want when you want. No need to stick to a group’s plan. You’re free to enjoy every ride at your own pace and can go on a ride more than once if you want to! 

Just because you arrive at a theme park as a solo traveller doesn’t mean that you’ll have to ride as one. You may even get the chance to jump ahead or meet others as you queue. One tip is to make sure to take a zipped-up bag with you and hold on tight as you fly around the parks.

Is it weird to go to a theme park alone?

No, I don’t think so. During my solo travels in Australia, there was no one who I met who wanted to come with me, so I decided ‘I’m going alone!’ and took myself to an amusement park. I went to Dreamworld and actually found it empowering. I met people in the lines as I was queuing and I plucked up enough courage to go on rides that I wouldn’t usually go on. I had a great day! So don’t let being alone stop you. Going to a theme park alone might just make your amusement park day even more exciting!

From the USA to Europe, here are the best theme parks in the world to get your heart pumping around the globe.

Going to an amusement park alone

Universal Studios

Best Theme Parks in The World


No one else seems to do theme parks better than the USA. Disneyland and Disney World are the most well-known parks, but there’s more than just Minnie Mouse in the USA. Discover the future at Epcot’s Future World, summon your wizard powers at Universal in Orlando and queue for more roller coasters than you can count at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

A great stop is Dollywood at Dolly Parton’s theme park in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, where you can see Dolly and other star performers. Make a weekend of it and stay overnight in a Nashville hotel to make the most of your time here. Explore what Music City has to offer in addition to Dollywood. Stay in Nashville’s music row to have a music-inspired weekend.

Wherever you go, you’ll find theme parks dotted across the States. Just don’t forget to buy your Disney World tickets before you arrive. But if Disney Park in America isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! There are plenty of other Disney theme parks around the world that you can visit.

The Best Theme Parks in The USA

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Going to an amusement park alone

Dreamworld (photo @ Andi Ryan)


The Gold Coast of Australia is bursting with theme parks, and Dreamworld is Australia’s biggest, with over 50 rides. Here you can experience Giant Drop, the tallest free-fall ride, or The WipeOut, the mother of all tidal waves. Don’t forget to visit Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, too. You can choose from single-day passes or buy a pass for all three theme parks.

The Best Theme Parks in Australia

Going To An Amusement Park Alone

Disneyland Paris


Although it isn’t on the same scale as the parks in North America, Disneyland Paris is one of the best theme parks in the world and is worth a visit if you’re on the European continent. 

It’s just 30 kilometres from Paris and houses both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Blast off to infinity and beyond at Space Mountain, enjoy the wildest ride in the west at Big Thunder Mountain, and watch a Disney parade with Mickey Mouse.

New Year’s Eve is simply magical and the best time to indulge in your childhood dreams with a spectacular fireworks display.

The Best Theme Parks in France

Going to an amusement park alone

Eurosat at Europa Park


France isn’t the only European country to have some of the world’s leading theme parks. Europa-Park in Rust has spinning gondolas, a 360-degree roller coaster, and a trip to the stars at Eurosat. The park has even celebrated its 40th birthday and now has the Dome of Dreams, the biggest mobile digital 360-degree cinema in the world.

Phantasialand is one of Germany’s oldest theme parks and has the longest-themed underground ride in Europe. Geister Rickscha is a ghostly ride based on a Chinese myth.

Here you can also experience the rush of the Black Mamba coaster and Winja’s Fear & Force, which consists of two spinning roller coasters. Stay overnight in a themed hotel, and enjoy the Phantasialand dinner show with a four-course meal and entertainment.

The Best Theme Parks in Germany

Going to an amusement park alone

Beto Carrero World in Brazil


Latin America isn’t the obvious choice for theme parks, but Beto Carrero World in Penha, Brazil, claims to be the biggest theme park in Latin America and in the Southern Hemisphere. Try out the Firewhip, a stomach-churning suspended roller coaster. With seven different themed areas, Beto Carrero World has an amusement park, a fantasyland and thrilling rides. 

The Best Theme Parks in Brazil

Going To An Amusement Park Alone

Other Famous Theme Parks Around The World

Going to an amusement park alone

Final Thoughts…

I hope that this article has shown you that going to theme parks alone can actually be fun. These are just a few of the best theme parks in the world; there are several more parks, especially if you head to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi or Dubai for Bollywood Parks and Legoland, plus many more.  Wherever you choose to go, you’re guaranteed a fun time. Embrace your inner child and enjoy the moment. 

going to an amusement park alone