Level 8 Luggage Review

When you’re travelling, whether you’re heading to popular tourist destinations or places off the beaten track, it’s important to choose the right luggage. There is so much choice out there and so many different brands that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how to choose one that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a suitcase to take on your next solo trip, I recommend Level 8 and explain why in this review!

Level 8 Luggage Review

My Level8 Luggage Review

If you’re going backpacking around Southeast Asia then you may not need a suitcase and prefer to take a backpack with you but if it is a suitcase that you need (I have both a backpack and now a stylish set of luggage!) then this review will definitely be helpful for you!

In the past I travelled with a large pink backpack and bought cheap suitcases that haven’t lasted that long (a wheel fell off my last suitcase). So it was time to invest in a brand new one. Introducing Level8…

Level 8 Luggage Review

Why Choose Level8?

Level8’s moto is ‘travel with style’ and the Level8 suitcases are definitely stylish. Plus they come with a guarantee to be uncompromising on quality. Their luggage undergoes quality tests and has a lifetime warranty that covers the handles, shell of the luggage zippers and the wheels. Meaning that even if a wheel falls off, my case is covered for life! (Something that I wish I had had with my previous one that broke).

Level8 exists to bring a leisure and exquisite way of traveling, with suitcases that honour the art of personal presentation and style. And in my personal opinion, their luggage does not disappoint. 

Being an experienced traveller, I need luggage that is strong and can survive all of my trips. I also need lots of space as I purchase statues and souvenirs whenever I travel to a destination so I need to be able to squeeze it all into my suitcase when I return.

And I need a hard shell so that any delicate or fragile souvenirs that I buy can be transported without me worrying about them being thrown into the plane and breaking. If the luggage is stylish too, then even better! That’s where Level8 is fab as it covers everything that I need from a bag (and more too). 

Shipping: If you’re in the USA & Canada, they ship your Level8 cases to you for free! But you can still order from other countries in Europe, Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East. My shipping was really quick to the UK but they also have 3 to 6 day shipping too, which is perfect if you are planning a last minute trip and need some luggage delivered before you go.Save 10% off Level8 luggage with the code ‘Level8&SoloTravel’ 

Level 8 Luggage Review

My Level 8 Luggage Review

I chose the Luminous Textured 2 piece set in grey, which came in a variety of sizes. I was able to select either a 20” carry-on, 24” or even 28” carry-on. 

But you don’t have to stick with grey, (grey and pink are my brand colours and I find myself gravitating towards these). The other colours that the Luminous Textured 2 piece set comes in are navy, olive, light pink (which was my second choice) or an iconic black. Other cases that they sell come in light blue, coconut white and even yellow and black (ensuring that you will definitely find your luggage on your airport carousel!)

What made it easy for me to decide were the 5-star Level8 reviews on the product page. I could read actual reviews from others who have bought the luggage and have tested it so that I can decide if it could be a good fit for me. 

Level 8 Luggage review

And they came with all these features.

  1. Remarkable Diamond Texture: This unique texture not only adds a stylish flair to your luggage but also ensures that it stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re at the airport or on the go, the eye-catching design is sure to attract attention and admiration.
  2. Anti-scratch Technology: No one likes a scuffed-up suitcase. With anti-scratch technology, Level 8 cases maintains their pristine appearance trip after trip, even when subjected to the inevitable bumps and scrapes of travel.
  3. German-made Makrolon®: Renowned for its durability and lightweight properties, Makrolon® is a top choice for premium luggage. German engineering ensures that your Level 8 carry on luggage can withstand the rigours of travel while remaining easy to handle and manoeuvre.
  4. Aluminum Alloy Trolley: The trolley system is the backbone of any good suitcase. Crafted from sturdy aluminium alloy, this trolley provides reliable support for your luggage while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.
  5. TSA-approved Locks: Security is so important when you travel. With the combination lock, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected against unauthorised access while still allowing TSA agents to inspect your luggage if necessary.
  6. Interior Organization: A well-organised interior makes packing and unpacking a breeze. With a main compartment and features like a mesh pocket divider, multiple zipper pockets, and adjustable straps, there’s lots of storage space and you can keep your belongings neatly sorted and easily accessible throughout your journey.
  7. X-Strap Compression System: Maximising space is essential, especially when packing for longer trips. Level 8 suitcases have a X-Strap Compression System to help you make the most of your luggage’s capacity while also keeping your items secure and wrinkle-free.
  8. Ultra-quiet 360° Spinner Wheels: Smooth and silent manoeuvrability is key when navigating busy airports and crowded streets. With ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels, you can glide effortlessly through any environment, minimizing strain and fatigue.
  9. Stack and Store: The ability to stack your carry-on neatly within larger check-in sizes saves space and streamlines storage, whether at home or on the road.

Each of these features contributes to a superior travel experience, combining style, functionality, and durability to meet the demands of modern travellers (including me!)

If you’re wondering where is Level 8 luggage made? They are a New York brand and manufacture their suitcases in Asia. * Save 10% off with the code ‘Level8&SoloTravel’ 

Level 8 Luggage Review

What I Love About It!

I need space in my luggage and the Level8 Textured Carry On is a perfect choice for travellers like me. Their design maximises the space inside the case so I can pack all of my toiletries without sacrificing organisation or comfort. I like to know exactly where my things are to save time frantically looking through my case before I need to catch a train or run for a tour. 

And it’s scratch-proof! If you’ve ever gazed out of a plane window and watched as they load the bags onto the plane then you’ll appreciate how important this is. I’ve bought suitcases in the past that look amazing before I travel but in just a few trips, are left covered in scratches and looking battered. 

And because of the sleek and minimalist design, I no longer look like a cheap backpacker and instead, a refined traveller who takes care of my appearance and my things. It excludes an air of sophistication and I feel proud wheeling it along next to me. 

Plus you can find your luggage on the baggage carousel and don’t have to be one of those people who tie a coloured ribbon to the top to identify it as yours. 

There’s a security lock which is also TSA-approved and comes with a manual so you can’t get it wrong. You can just choose your own combination and then lock it which is ideal if you’re staying in hostels or cheap accommodation and are worried about your belongings. I usually look my valuables in a safe or locker but if there isn’t one, then locking my laptop or anything else that I don’t want to lose in this bag makes me feel safe. 

Level 8 Luggage Review

I like having my things where I can find them and I usually pack my shoes and toiletries on one side of a suitcase and my clothes on the other. That’s why I love the fact there are zipped pockets inside the case. It helps me to keep my things separate. And there isn’t just one pocket either.

There are interior pockets on both sides with two smaller separate ones on one side so I can separate my underwear from the rest of my clothes if I don’t take packing cubes as I can see exactly where it is. Or I can put my suntan lotion and sunglasses in one of the smaller ones, making it super organised which is what I need when I’m travelling fast and moving from place to place with limited time in each destination and need to save time packing. 

Note – even though there are pockets inside, there aren’t any on the outside which isn’t an issue for me as I carry a small bag with my laptop in.

It has spinner wheels that are multidirectional, meaning that they are easy to push and pull along. And the wheels are durable too! If you’ve ever pulled along a heavy suitcase in the past that is rigid to pull and takes all of your arm strength to drag it across the road then you can breathe a sigh of relief with this one. 

Even the handle can extend so you can have it at the right height that is comfortable for you to pull or push it along. Plus, being aluminium means its sturdy too and won’t come off. If you need to lift it into a car (hopefully the taxi driver will do for that), there’s a handle on the side for easy lifting. 

The design is sleek and diamond textured so even if you mark it (which is unlikely), it will hardly show. The shell is waterproof which is ideal if you’re travelling to Asia during monsoon season or even Europe any time of year! Even if your case gets wet as you board a bus to or from the airport or have to wheel it for 30 minutes from the train station to your accommodation and get caught in a shower, you can have peace of mind that your clothes are not going to get soaked or even wet at all! 

Specifications of the luggage:

  • The dimensions of the Level8 Textured Carry On is 54.6 cm x 37 cm x 23.6 cm. 
  • The capacity is 41 litres and the weight is 4.8 kg.

You will need to check the requirements of the airline for the carry on bag as they can differ depending on who you fly with. (Hello Ryan Air!) but the Level8 carry on luggage is normally within the measurements of most airlines regulations. * Save 10% off with the code ‘Level8&SoloTravel’ 

Level 8 luggage review

Other Level8 Products

Level8 don’t just offer suitcases. You can purchase a backpack specifically for your laptop which is ideal if you prefer an actual laptop bag instead of a cheap backpack to carry your laptop. I have used numerous small backpacks in the past where the straps have broken due to the amount of weight I have stuffed in it (my laptop has some weight to it). 

If you want to be even more organised, they even have a 4 set packing cube travel set or toiletry case to take with you,  And if you love your purchase that much (which you will!) you can buy gift cards to give to a friend so you can both travel with one if you ever decide to not go solo and have company on the road instead. 

Summary of my Level 8 Suitcase Review

I hope you enjoyed my Level 8 luggage review carry on. The Level8 Textured Carry On is called ‘your intimate travel companion’ and I honestly think that this case backs that claim. The Level8 suitcase isn’t cheap but they are one of the best brands for suitcases and they are guaranteed for a lifetime.

I’m really thrilled with my luggage because for the first time ever, I have invested in a proper suitcase and because of the lifetime guarantee I know that I never have to buy another one. Which not only is sustainable when I think of the cases that I have had to throw away over the years. (Tip – don’t take a wheeled suitcase to Portugal because of the cobbled streets). Knowing that this one is for life gives me a peace of mind and one less thing to think off when I plan my solo trips. 

If I’ve inspired you to buy your very own Level8 Textured Carry-On or just to look at the range of cases and travel accessories that they offer, then I have a special 10% discount for you! * Save 10% off with the code ‘Level8&SoloTravel’ 

Level 8 Luggage Review