Topdeck Review: Why They Are Solo Female-Friendly!

Some tour companies are just ideal for women who are travelling alone. If you are aged 18 to 30 and looking for an authentic and fun trip, Topdeck is perfect for solos. From festivals, city breaks and tours in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and New Zealand, here’s why we believe Topdeck are solo female-friendly. Read our Topdeck review to see if it’s right for you.

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Topdeck review

Why Take a Tour?

I wanted to do a quick tour of Europe, as I haven’t been before and wanted to see the highlights before moving to Asia for a few years. So traveling with a tour group seemed better, as they are experienced in express tours. Usually, I would do the tour by myself, but Topdeck had a really great special at the time when I was booking.

The tour included 12 countries over 24 days visiting; England, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Topdeck review

Why Topdeck Europe?

I chose Topdeck, specifically, however, not just because of the good price I was able to get, but based on their reputation as well. Comparing them with Contiki, they are known to be less focused on the party scene and more about making the trip accommodating for all kinds of travellers. I prefer going to museums and other cultural sites when traveling, rather than clubbing, so this was a big attraction.

Topdeck review

Positives and Negatives of Taking a Topdeck Tour

There were many positives of the tour; really good organisation with a fantastic trip leader (she’s been giving tours for years, so was very knowledgeable of every city we went to, with great tips on local eateries to try). The accommodation was also of a very good quality, ranging from good hostels as well as a hotel in one case.

Topdeck review

Is it Good Value?

For me, the value was definitely good and totally worth it. There are many included meals on the trip. We also had an extra city added to our tour – we had made good timing on the drive from Switzerland to Venice, so the driver and the trip leader took us to Verona for the afternoon and showed us around.

Topdeck review

Who Are These Adventures For?

Topdeck is great, as it welcomes all kinds of travellers. Its age range is larger than that of Contiki, so the group can also be a bit more mature and laid back. There are, however, also those who like to party, so you should be able to find other travellers who share your interests. As a solo traveler, this was great.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when traveling, touring within a group such as this is definitely beneficial.

Topdeck review

Who Are They Not For?

I guess if you like taking things slow or if you are a spontaneous traveler, you might not like the strict schedule that these trips tend to have. For instance, I wouldn’t use a tour company (Topdeck or any other) for traveling to places like Southeast Asia, where it’s a lot more fun to have a flexible itinerary. * Check rates and availability for Topdeck Tours

Topdeck review

Topdeck Tours

If it’s your first to Europe and you prefer company for your trip, taking a Topdeck tour is ideal as everything is organised for you. You don’t have to see 12 countries in 24 days. If you don’t have a month to spare, Topdeck also offer tours to various countries in Europe from a week to a month. 

They are not just limited to Europe either as they offer tours to North America, New Zealand, the Middle East and North Africa, and places in Asia too! * You can check out all their worldwide tours here 

Topdeck review

About The Author

Thank you to Alida Visser, one of our Girls about the Globe, for writing this review and for her photos. If you’re still unsure Topdeck are for you, here’s another testimonial from our community:

“They are really well organised with a great atmosphere. I would definitely recommend for a first-time solo traveller,” – Monique Jackson (solo female traveller). 

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Topdeck review