Best DMZ Tour From Seoul


If you are planning a trip to Seoul in South Korea, I recommend taking one of the DMZ tours Korea. I have visited Seoul twice and I share below my experience of visiting this world renowned border.

What Is The DMZ?

Taking one of the DMZ Tours Korea is both fascinating and informative. The Demilitarized Zone lies between the borders of South and North Korea. Originally set up by the United Nations, this area of 4km is open to curious tourists wanting to know more about the goings-on in North Korea. 

N.b. If you book your full day or half day DMZ tour through this article, I donate to organisations helping vulnerable girls in conflict zones. Thanks for helping! Lisa x
DMZ tours Korea

A locomotive destroyed by bullet fire by the North Koreans

DMZ Tours Korea

What Can You Expect When Visiting the DMZ From Seoul?

If you’re in Seoul, I recommend taking a tour of the Korean Demilitarized Zone to learn more about the conflict between these two countries. 

The tour takes you to the 3rd tunnel. The third infiltration tunnel is one of the four tunnels found and denied by the North as being built as part of another invasion. The golf course that lies within this area is classed as the most dangerous golf course in the world, stuck between two completely different worlds.

A brand new train station stands unused with the ability to connect South Korea to the rest of central Asia built with the agreement by North Korea that the South would fund this much-needed project. But upon completion, the North refused to let the South use it, claiming that they never agreed for it to actually be used, just built.

Having a visit here and seeing North Korea in the distance is a fascinating insight into a place that largely remains a mystery to the rest of the world.

Best DMZ Tour From Seoul

Best DMZ Tour Korea from Seoul

Tour time: 9 hours | Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars | Book now

There are several day trips you can do but I recommend this DMZ tour that takes you to Imjingak Park, 3rd tunnel and red suspension bridge. 

Visit the 3rd infiltration tunnel, Dora Observatory, and suspension bridge for scenic views. See South Korea’s DMZ and learn about the Korean war story and the two Koreas on this full day tour.

For the best DMZ tour company, PLK Travel has 5 star reviews! Their DMZ tour Seoul is hosted by a local licensed tour guide, and includes your round trip transfer from Seoul and admission fees to DMZ. You’ll not only learn about the history here but also take a monorail and walking tour in 3rd tunnel.

This is the best Dmz tour Korea and is suitable if you have mobility impairments. This shared tour is a great way to see the DMZ with like-minded others and have lunch with some company (lunch is an additional cost).

Be aware that you need to meet the tour guide for your DMZ day tour from either Myeongdong Station or Hong University Station in Seoul

If you only have one day, this is the best DMZ tour from Seoul for anyone limited on time as you get to see three stops in one day and learn everything you can about this Demilitarised zone.

Note – The DMZ day tour from Seoul doesn’t operate on Mondays. And you can cancel before 7:00 am the morning before for a full refund. Don’t forget to take your passport with you!

Best DMZ Tour From Seoul

Is The DMZ Worth It?

Yes! Without a doubt. Taking a Korea DMZ tour is one of the best (if not the best!) things to do in Seoul. 

There are other DMZ Seoul tours that offer the option of the DMZ gondola such as this one. Or if you only have half day in Seoul as you’re just passing through, this DMZ half day tour from Seoul is ideal. * Check rates & availability for DMZ tour Seoul half day

Best DMZ Tour From Seoul

Monument at the third tunnel in the DMZ between North and South Korea as a symbol of unification and peace

Stories From The DMZ

Ever kept a secret from your loved one?

Imagine having a secret so big that your lives could be in danger if you ever told. This is what one woman faced as she planned her escape from North Korea four years ago.

Living in fear, she strived for freedom and a better life.

She escaped across the water, leaving her husband behind and eventually found freedom in another country. Her husband is now in a prison camp. If she is ever found, he will be killed. Although now free, she lives in fear of his life.

Many South Koreans have families trapped within this militarized country with its strange laws and ideology and amongst the streets of Seoul, pictures depict scenes from a war-stricken area, of people dying of starvation.

But standing across the river from the country, there is no evidence or in fact no humans as far as the eye can see. The whole land looks deserted. Small houses are strategically placed as propaganda and military checkpoints line the border surrounded by wire fences.

This is North Korea and having a visit to the DMZ will definitely open your eyes to the reality and importance of this famous border.

South Korean soldiers guard Dorasan train station

My Trip To South Korea

My trip to South Korea was independent. I travelled here alone twice and spent a week in total in Seoul and loved it. I found it really safe and welcoming especially as a solo female traveller. The locals are really smiley, especially if you say hello or thank you in their language and I thoroughly recommend the capital for solo travellers. 

If you feel more comfortable on a tour, G Adventures offer an 8-day Best of South Korea tour. Beginning and ending in Seoul, the trip takes you to Gyeongju-si and Busan visiting Yangdong Folk Village, and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, as well as a market and city visit. You also get a DMZ trip which in itself is an experience.

Read my G Adventures review here or click on the link below to see their South Korea tour. * Check dates and itinerary for South Korea itinerary