Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

Is Liechtenstein worth visiting? It depends on your travel style! If you love hiking and food, it’s a good option. If you are wondering if it is worth visiting, or what to see in Liechtenstein and where and stay, I have included all the reasons why in this article. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Liechtenstein 

  • It has museums and cultural attractions (Vaduz Castle is a must-see!)
  • It has a Gothic Castle in Balzers
  • The traditional village of Planken has wooden houses and gorgeous floral baskets
  • Its gorgeous green landscapes are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking & skiing
  • It has traditional cuisine and several gourmet restaurants
  • Being a really small country, it is easy to move around the entire country
  • You even meet the Prince of Liechtenstein!
Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

Vaduz Castle

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

Most people have never heard of it, but Liechtenstein is a tiny country tucked in between Switzerland and Austria. It’s actually the sixth smallest nation in Europe and the only country to sit fully within the Alps. This tiny country nestled between Austria and Switzerland is not as popular as other destinations but it is very much like neighbouring Switzerland (but don’t tell them that).

Is Liechtenstein safe? Yes, it’s a very safe country but the country is very expensive (even more than Switzerland) and it’s not the place to come if you’re looking to party or have a wild time. The only wild thing here is the nature and its appeal is to those who love the outdoors. However, the Liechtensteiners do love their food, and there are gourmet restaurants throughout the country.

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

There is so much nature in this small country

You Can Visit Anytime!

The country is a year-round destination and the best time for visiting Liechtenstein really depends on what you want to do when you’re here. The main tourist season runs from June to October but visit in Autumn and the red and brown hues are absolutely magical; visit in the winter and the snowy wonderland will blow you away. 

The ski season starts in December through to April and two of the most popular ski resorts are: Steg and MalbunTriesen is a mecca for cross-country skiers. At 1600 metres, you can snowboard, cross-country ski or just toboggan your way around.

But you don’t have to just visit in the winter as Steg is also popular with hikers during the summer season. And, if you’re planning to go up into the mountains, Triesenberg is a good stopover village for the spring to autumn season too. Below is an annual weather chart for Liechtenstein to help you decide which month is the best for you to visit. 

Liechtenstein weather

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

Visit Liechtenstein in the autumn to see these gorgeous colours

It’s a Hiker’s Paradise

Visit at the end of the season, and you can enjoy the landscape without having to share it with anyone. Liechtenstein has 400km of marked hiking trails, from valley walks through nature reserves to peak climbs of up to 2600 metres, and the Sareis chairlift at Malbun is an ideal starting point for the majority of the hikes.

If you prefer biking, there are 90km of marked bike paths, and maps for biking routes can be bought when you’re in the country. For something a little higher there’s rock climbing as well as a high rope adventure park and you can even trek with lamas but be prepared to be walking with children too. * Check rates & availability for lama trek

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

The lush green of Malburn

It Has History

Although it is a small country and more about the hiking, there are a couple of treasures that you really shouldn’t miss if you come here. Visit Balzers for the Gutenberg Fortress and Gothic Castle and Schellenberg for its fortress ruins. The history of Liechtenstein started here, and the area offers a great view of the Alps. Other places to see are: Schaan for its stained glass chapels and Nendeln for ruins of a Roman villa. 

Is Liechtenstein worth visiting?

Vaduz Castle on the hillside


Is Vaduz Worth Visiting? 

Yes! The capital, Vaduz, doesn’t look or feel like a capital. It’s more like a countryside village, and the highlight is Vaduz Castle. At nearly 700 years old, it has been in the family of the Princes of Liechtenstein for 300 years. You can’t visit the castle but if you stand below you may be lucky to meet the prince (now retired) who sits by his statue and talks to passing tourists about his country.

You can even drink the Prince’s wine from his private vineyards at the Court Wine Cellars of Hofkellerei. If you like art, the Princely familys’ art collection can be seen on a guided tour at the Liechtenstein Garden and City Palace.

If you prefer company to explore the capital, you can join an express walk with a local where they take you on a guided walk through Vaduz giving you insider tips. 

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

You Can Take a Day Trip to Liechtenstein From Zurich

For skiing or hiking, you could easily stay up to one week, but if you’re just sightseeing, you only really need 2 days maximum in Liechtenstein. 

You don’t even have to stay over if you don’t want to as visiting Liechtenstein from Zurich is really doable so you can just do a day trip. You can drive through on a day trip on the way to Switzerland or Austria and stop for a few hours. * Check rates & availability for day trip from Zurich

If you’re unsure what to do in Liechtenstein in 1 day, you can practically see everything as even the museums won’t take long here. Choose from the Art Museum, Liechtenstein National Museum, Ski Museum or the Postage Stamp Museum, which has decorated pavement stamps outside. If you don’t fancy walking around the capital you can take a Vaduz city train tour instead and learn about the country as you ride.

You even get a glimpse of the Red House, Vaduz’s oldest house from the 17th century, that you may not see on foot. Take the walking path to the Kanzeli for a panoramic view of Vaduz and the Rhine Valley below. Vaduz is also home to The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?

Accommodation in Liechtenstein

The country has a number of 3 and 4-star hotels. You can also find guest houses and b&b’s in the mountains as well as mountain huts that you can stay in if you’re hiking around the country. For the budget conscious, there’s one hostel situated between Schaan and Vaduz, or camp at the Mittagsspitze campsite instead. 

Below are recommended accommodations from our solo travel community. For all other accommodation, you can check rates and availability here

$ – Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel. This is the only hostel in the country but it’s a great one! With mountain views, a buffet breakfast included and a restaurant and library, this hostel even rents out bikes. Stay in a dormitory room or choose a private room for more privacy. * Check rates & availability: Schaan-Vaduz Hostel

$$ – Hotel Restaurant Kulm. If you’re planning on staying in Triesenberg and are looking for a hotel with an amazing view, this 3-star hotel has a stunning view of the Rhein valley. Some rooms have their own balcony and there’s free parking too but expect the beds to be on the small side. * Check rates & availability: Hotel Restaurant Kulm

$$$ – JUFA Hotel Malbun. If you’re planning on sking, this 3-star hotel in Malburn has direct access to the slopes and a sauna in the spa to relax afterwards Visit in the summer months and you can cycle around the area instead. * Check rates & availability: JUFA Hotel Malbun

Is Liechtenstein Worth Visiting?


Liechtenstein Tours

Liechtenstein is easy to navigate by yourself but you may want to join a tour to walk with the lamas, take the city train around Vaduz or have a tour with a local to learn more about this little country. I use Get Your Guide and it’s really simple to use. Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online. You can also book your day trip from Zurich through them too. * Check rates and availability for Liechtenstein Tours 

From the Airport

If you fly from Zurich in Switzerland, the airport is 13 km from the city. You can drive from the airport, take a train, tram or an airport taxi to Zurich. Take the train to Sargans, then a bus to Vaduz. * N.b you may need a toll sticker if coming from Switzerland or Austria.

Getting Around Liechtenstein

If you’re planning a Liechtenstein visit, buses run regularly and are an easy way to get around. LIEmobil bus even runs into Buchs in Switzerland and Feldkirch in Austria. Taxis are reliable, or you can drive yourself around and hire a car. Many people who visit here cycle around the country as it is so small.

My Travel Tips: You can also combine Liechtenstein with a neighbouring country.

  • To Switzerland – Buses run to Sargans and Buchs. Then take the train to Zurich or others in Switzerland.
  • To Austria – From Vaduz take bus numbers 11 or 14 to Feldkirch.


  • Can I drink the water? Yes.
  • Is tipping expected? No, it’s included in the price.
  • Fixed price or barter? Fixed price.
  • Any ATMs? Yes.
  • Which side of the road do they drive? They drive on the right-hand side.
  • Good for vegetarians? Yes. There are a few restaurants in the country. Happy Cow has a great guide
  • Any Seven Wonders of the World? No.

Map of Liechtenstein


Solo Travel in Liechtenstein

My Conclusion: If you’re still wondering is Liechtenstein a good place to visit? Travelling solo in Liechtenstein is perfect for those who love the outdoors and it is really safe to travel around, that’s why I’ve given it 4 out of 5 stars for being solo female friendly. However, it isn’t the best place to meet many others.

Similar to the Faroe Islands for nature, it’s a country for the outdoors and the country attracts more couples and families than solo travellers so you’ll need to be comfortable with your own company if you choose to visit. Or bring a good book for the evenings. To help you plan a trip, I’ve listed below some useful links. Happy planning!

Plan a Trip to Liechtenstein


Capital – Vaduz

Population – 39,039

Language spoken – German, occasionally English

Local Currency – Swiss Franc (Euros are sometimes accepted)

Do I Need a Visa?

Vaccinations Required

Flying time to Switzerland – 1.5 hrs

Useful Info

Is Liechtenstein expensive to visit? Liechtenstein is very expensive (more than Switzerland) so accommodation, food and drink is not for those on a budget. A good alternative is to stay in Switzerland or Austria instead then just travel across by bus for the day. Depending on your accommodation, budget at least €100+ a day. Check out this local cost guide for detailed costs.  

Airlines to Switzerland

What Plugs Do I need?

Events and Festivals in Liechtenstein

Driving Distances

Local Customs & Etiquette

Did you know? You can hire out the whole country!

Lingo – Useful German Phrases

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Is Liechtenstein worth visiting?